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Kinfolk Collaborates With Converse For An Exclusive Piece

November 2, 2016

Kinfolk is excited to collaborate with Converse Essentials for a limited edition sweater featuring the classic backwards “K” Kinfolk logo. For the launch of it’s new apparel collection, Converse selected 13 stores around the globe to be included in this project based on their personal connection to the unique style of their local community, and we are stoked to be in such great company. Designed to get better over time, Converse Essentials are timeless products in classic fits, built with superior construction.

A very small run of these sweatshirts were produced, and they’re sure to sell it out fast! So don’t sleep, and be sure to get yours here.



Photography: Go Fukasawa/ Model: Sean Dahlberg/ Stylist: Yuchin Huang

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