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Kinfolk x Levi’s Tailorshop

December 6, 2016 | Posted in: The Kinfolk Store, Venues
Photographer: Go Fukasawa Model: Hunter Chung

In collaboration with the Levi’s Tailorshop, Kinfolk presents the Double Bunny Trucker Jacket. This limited edition collaboration marks the beginning of a larger partnership between the two brands and the arrival of Levi’s Made & Crafted in our Brooklyn boutique.

Kinfolk Creative Director Jey Perie, on the design inspiration – “I wanted to pay tribute to Kinfolk’s birthplace by using traditional Japanese patterns while taking full advantage of Levi’s Eureka custom capabilities. The chain stitched double rabbit embroidery is Kinfolk’s iconic logo, first used as a metal shield on Kinfolk custom bicycles back in 2008.”

The limited edition jacket will be available Friday, 12/09, exclusively through Kinfolk – in store, and online.





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