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Buy This One of One Bedwin & The Heartbreakers Reversible Jacket

March 25, 2016

There’s an old trick you can use to convince yourself to close on big ticket reversible outerwear and it’s that you’re actually buying two jackets! And while you’re most certainly purchasing two different looks, how often is it the case that both sides get the same amount of wear? Rare is the fully reversible jacket that one treats as fully reversible and rarer still is the fully reversible jacket with either side exclusive to the wearer. Rarest then, is this Bedwin & The Heartbreakers varsity/souvenir jacket combination.

The jacket was made to celebrate Le Cabinet Des Curiosites, the Paris-based event that took place in November 2015. One side is French lux; cashmere body and ostrich leather sleeves, it’s logo inspired by that of master auto maker, Bugatti. The reverse, satin with a detailed kabuki embroidery takes it’s inspiration from Japan. The jacket is size XL and will not become available in any other size as it is the only one in existence. The Bedwin & The Heartbreakers one off reversible jacket is available online or at The Kinfolk Store.


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