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Top Must-Haves for Traveling to Japan

April 19, 2016

Beside’s being the go-to spot for some of Japan’s most coveted brands in Brooklyn, Kinfolk has deeper connections to the vibrant country than many may think. Tokyo is where it all began and Nakameguro, a neighborhood in Tokyo, is home to the original Kinfolk bar. Tokyo has become like a second home to many of the Kinfolk team, so they are familiar with the long days of traveling back and forth and have become experts in packing everything they need to be prepared (mostly) for what Tokyo has in store. Read on for a list of Japan traveling essentials from Creative Director Jey Perie, and Retail Director Keith Abrams.

Check out our Instagram @kinfolklife for more from their recent buying trip to Tokyo!


Jey Perie, Creative Director

1. Black leather high-top Converse Chuck 70's

I try to travel with only one pair of shoes. For a typical Tokyo week, I can’t go wrong with the black leather high top chuck 70’s. They work with every outfit, formal or casual, and the 70s sole makes them comfortable for the long days walking around town.

2. Warm socks  for the plane, because cold feet above the Pacific for 8 hours isn’t a good feeling.

3. Kinfolk x Brown's Beach MA-1 Jacket

The Browns Beach x Kinfolk MA-1 is perfect 10 months out of the year, warm but breathable, even when its warm outside you are always better off with a warmer layer to fight Japan overuse of AC.

4. Santa Maria Novella Alma Di Seoul, just the way I like it. I’ve been using it since 2010.


4. Ukon, the Japanese hangover cure-all

Drinking culture in Japan is massive. When you need to cheers, but also be on point at 8:00 am the morning after, Ukon got your back. Drink it before going out.

6. JourneyMan stick deodorant – My new favorite aluminum free deodorant. It comes also in spray. Available now at the kinfolk store.



7. I wear Bedwin x Dickies Jessee 9L pants all year long, I always bring one with me when I travel, its a good alternative to denim.

8. Kinfolk Lafayette Shirt

The main reason why I always travel with the Lafayette shirt is because the front pocket is just big enough to slide in my passport. I like to have my passport on me at all time while traveling.

9.  A good read for the plane ride and jet lag that follows. I’m currently reading Ametora: How Japan Saved American Style, by W. David Marx.



Keith Abrams, Retail Director

1. My Kindle

2. 1.5 x the t-shirts per days of travel. For a 6 day trip, you’ll need 9 tees. Luckily, The Kinfolk Store is well-stocked.



3. Kinfolk Annapolis button down

4. Denim jacket

We’ve actually just released our first denim jacket and pants. Made in Japan from raw denim, this indigo jacket is cut with a slim fit, and designed to age and fade perfectly over time. Available in store now, and online soon.

5. Xanax

6. Adderall



7. A coat that's warmer than you think you'll need

Like the black bomber from Japan-based brand Wacko Maria

8. Multiple hats

Multiple hats make it easy to change up your look, so you don’t have to pack as much. This Brain Dead Snapback that we just got in the store is a favorite.

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