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King Kog Owner, Shawn Wolf, Keeps Kinfolk Bicycles Running Smooth

October 6, 2015

When we shot this video last fall, Shawn Wolf was only a King Kog bicycle shop employee, sprucing up cranks when he wasn’t serving up cortados at Kinfolk 90. In the time since, Wolf has become King Kog’s owner, only to be found at Kinfolk (chilling , of course) during the shop’s off hours. From his recently revamped Graham Avenue storefront, Wolf continues to run Kinfolk Bicycles, helping new customers piece together custom builds in addition to helping old ones keep their bikes on the road. And they couldn’t be in more capable hands. As a child, the Indiana native went deeper into the bike world than most kids are made to go due in equal parts to an insatiable thirst for knowledge about his favorite pastime and a shortage of pocket money. He’d graduate on to motorcycles eventually, but never lose the love for pedal bikes. If you’re in the market for a Kinfolk bike, Shawn Wolf is obviously the man to speak to, but the same could be said if you’re in Brooklyn and want to make sure the bike you already have won’t fall apart on you. Check out Shawn Wolf’s “den” in the video above and keep up with the rest of our original Kinfolklife TV content here!

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