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13 30th Birthday Ideas for the Most Memorable Birthday

Since your 30th birthday is one of the major milestones in your life, you need to make it count. So, you have to look for the best birthday ideas that match the special day and that will make it unforgettable. Read on to learn more about the 13 best 30th birthday ideas to make your birthday memorable birthday.

What Is 30th Birthday Known for?


Apart from being a milestone birthday, there are many other reasons why a 30th birthday is so special. This birthday marks a significant point in your life when you are considered to be more settled, responsible, and full of wisdom to make critical decisions. But for some people, the 30th birthday is considered the day that marks the end of their youthful escapades and indifferent behavior.

However, celebrating your 30th birthday doesn’t make you old. It’s an indication that you are now expected to behave a little more responsibly and with a degree of maturity. So, don’t limit your possibilities when planning your birthday.

When you get to the third floor (thirties) of your life, you’ve transitioned from living a restless life to a more stable one. In your twenties, you are free to try different things and travel the world.

But after your 30th birthday, you should be more aware of yourself and the world around you. You also have more experience in life which should help you to deal with different situations thoughtfully.

At this age, you are more conscious and knowledgeable about your strengths and weaknesses, which enable you to handle sensitive issues maturely. After your 30th birthday, you should be able to understand everyone’s perspective and try to look at every situation from the other person’s point of view. You should also be more thoughtful about your friends and family.

Your 30th birthday also marks the period when you gain more mental stability. You shouldn’t let your mind run wild. Your thoughts also should be like a calm flowing river. So, this isn’t the time to build castles in the air.

For instance, you shouldn’t be bothered by friends who spend their holidays abroad or at the beach having wild parties because you already know what you want for yourself. This is the time when you stop trying to please and impress everybody. It’s also the right time to start taking your health seriously. So, you are likely going to adopt a new lifestyle that includes a healthy diet plan and regular exercising.

But this doesn’t mean that life in your thirties will be gloomy. You can still make it as fun and thrilling as your twenties. Also, understand that adding a number to your age should only make you better.

Seven 30th Birthday Ideas for Him

for Him

If you are planning to surprise your husband or boyfriend on his 30th birthday, keep in mind the fact that he only gets to celebrate the birthday once. So, make the day special for him. Here are some of the best 30th birthday ideas for him.

  • Unique Gift Box

Surprise him with a unique gift box on his 30th birthday. Instead of loading the gift box with the usual items you normally give him on every birthday, try to make it more exciting this time by including his favorite bottle of whiskey and cigar. This is a perfect way to make him understand that he is now an adult.

  • Toolbox

Every man needs a toolbox to help him fix different things in the house. So, if your man doesn’t have the right tools, this is a perfect time to get him a nice toolbox with the right apparatuses. It’s also a perfect way of reminding him that he’s the man of the house, and he might be required to fix a lot of things in that house, including the relationship.

  • Beer Mug

Although he has reached 30, he still wants to enjoy his favorite beer with friends and family once in a while. So, a unique beer mug is a perfect way to celebrate his 30th birthday. He might end up drinking from it at the birthday party. You can even engrave his name and a birthday message on the mug just to make it more personal.

  • Candlelight Dinner

If you are celebrating your husband’s 30th birthday, consider surprising him with a romantic candlelit dinner. In any case, they say the best way to a man’s heart is his stomach. You can either prepare or order his favorite meal from his favorite restaurant. Alternatively, you can take him to a fancy restaurant for a special dinner party.

  • Love Quotes and Poems

When was the last time you wrote a lovely love poem or quote for your husband? If you can’t remember when you did, it’s time to do it, and you can do it on his 30th birthday. It will be a perfect way to rekindle your love for each other.

  • Take a Trip Together

If you have the time and money, take your husband to a unique getaway destination on his 30th birthday. It can also be a day trip or a backpacking escapade together. Pick a nice destination that will give the two of you enough time and space to enjoy each other’s company. It doesn’t have to be an overseas destination.

  • New Outfit

Your man’s 30th birthday is a perfect time to upgrade his wardrobe. If he was used to wearing tattered jeans, sneakers, and other casual outfits, get him some formal outfits to help him understand that he’s now more mature.

Six 30th Birthday Ideas for Her

for Her

Your wife’s 30th birthday means a lot to her, especially since it marks a major milestone in her life. So, she wants to remember the day she said goodbye to her wild, crazy twenties. As her man, you should make the special day memorable by trying one or two of these 30th birthday ideas.

  • Memory Wall

A beautiful memory wall with photos of all the special moments that have happened in her life will take her down memory lane. Just collect as many photos as possible and create a photo collage for her. Include photos of her as a child, her parents, and her siblings. If you are already married, include photos of when you got married.

  • Spa Session

Women love spas. So, you can pay for her spa treatment at her favorite spa on her 30th birthday before the party begins. But make sure the spa isn’t far away from her office or home so that she doesn’t run late. Fortunately, nowadays it’s possible to have spa sessions at home.

  • Makeover

Show your wife or girlfriend how much you care about her by hiring a stylist to give her a makeover. Fortunately, many freelance stylists can travel to your home to work on your wife on her 30th birthday. You should give the stylist a brief about your wife’s style and ask her to upgrade it or give her a completely different style from her usual flair.

  • Special Jewelry

Women love adornments and your wife or girlfriend isn’t an exception. So, a nice piece of jewelry will surely make her 30th birthday special. Start by studying your wife or girlfriend to know what type of ornaments she likes. It would be a waste of money and time to buy her something she won’t wear the next day.

  • Romantic Dinner

If your house is spacious enough, prepare a romantic dinner setup to sweep her off her feet when she steps into the house on her 30th birthday. Alternatively, you can book a table for a romantic dinner at her favorite restaurant. When you are setting up the house, use dinner candles, red roses, and other romantic décor elements.

  • Day Out

If her 30th birthday falls on a weekend, it would be a perfect time to take her out for fun. You can even allow her to string a few of her close friends along to make the day special. If you don’t want company, you can take her to a movie, music concert, comedy show, etc. You’ll have enough time and space to talk and have fun.

Tips for Planning a 30th Birthday


If your friend or relative is about to turn 30 and you’ve been delegated the work of planning a big and special birthday for them, where do you start? If it’s your first time planning a special birthday, here are some tips for you.

1. Choose the Right Theme

The theme of the party should match the age of the birthday boy or girl. For instance, you can choose a sophisticated theme that requires all attendees to wear black and white outfits. Let your guests know beforehand by sending them invites with clear instructions on what to wear.

2. Plan the Date

In most cases, a birthday party is held on the exact date that the person celebrating their birthday was born. But it’s not a must that it happens on the exact day. You can pick another day that’s convenient for everyone. Since it’s a milestone birthday, you need to celebrate it fully with close friends and family members.

3. Pick the Right Venue

You can hold the birthday party at home if your house or property is spacious enough to accommodate all the guests.

Alternatively, you can hire a venue at a local restaurant, stadium, park, etc. Make sure the venue’s décor matches the overall theme of the party.

4. Design Invitations

In this era of computers and smartphones, it’s very easy to design birthday party invitations. There are so many free apps that can help you to design professional invitation cards. You can also hire a professional designer to do them for you. Keep them professional and friendly.

5. Foods and Drinks

You’ll need to keep your guests entertained with snacks and drinks. The amount of food and drinks you budget for depends on the number of guests you’ve invited. If it’s a big birthday party, consider hiring outside catering services to save time and money.

6. Entertainment

Choose fun activities for your 30th birthday party that will keep your guests happy and fully entertained. You can hire a DJ and a public address system to entertain your guests with lovely music. Include other fun birthday activities like games, swimming, watching movies, etc.

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