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Kinfolk Creative Director Jey Perie On the Kinfolk x Comfy Collab

December 18, 2015


The Kinfolk x Comfy History...

The Kinfolk x Comfy down vest is the direct result of some combination of happenstance, creative foresight and Kinfolk’s burgeoning relationship with Lost Hills Tokyo. Roughly one year ago, Kinfolk line creative head Jey Perie found himself at the Lost Hills studio to oversee the final stages of Kinfolk x Brown’s Beach collaborative MA-1 jacket. It was during this visit that Lost Hills director Makoto Okuya shared samples of the Comfy line, a heritage-focused outerwear label from Seattle, for which he’d recently acquired the license.



“I’ve never been a fan of puffy jackets” Perie says.

Perie thought the entire line “stunning” but was especially impressed by a sample of a vintage down vest. “I’ve never been a fan of puffy jackets that make silhouettes super bulky,” Perie says. “Especially around the shoulders and sleeves. What I like about the idea of a vest is that we get the comfort and warmth of a down outercoat with an option to layer it under a sleeker piece like a peacoat or longer wool coat.” The Kinfolk x Comfy vest is waterproof, fully reversible and boasts an inside zipper pouch for those who are willing to unlock the next level of its usage. “It works just as well as a statement piece in the club,” Perie adds, “where you can wear it with nothing else underneath.”

The Kinfolk x Comfy Vest is available in 3 colors: NavyRed and Olive!



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