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30 Hottest and Must-Have Almond Nail Designs

Also referred to as fake nails, artificial nails are nail extensions placed over natural fingernails as fashion accessories. These artificial nails come in a wide range of designs, including almond nail designs. If you want to spruce up your fingernails with some almond nail designs, this article offers you a list of the 30 hottest and must-have almond nail designs.

What Are Almond Nail Designs?


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Like egg-shaped nails, almond nails are funneled along the sides. The nail walls are tapered to end in round peaks, similar to the shapes of actual almonds. Since your natural nails are usually too weak to hold these structures on their own, most almond manicures must be reinforced with gel or acyclic.

Almond nail designs are often slender on the sides and wide on the bases, coming to a peak—suggestive of an actual almond. These slimming silhouettes work best on medium to long nails and form the illusion of extra length. Although these are very flattering shapes, the strength of your natural nails will break easily when worn in this shape.

That’s why gel polish and acrylics are normally used when setting up almond nail designs for extra reinforcement. You can also add a touch of sparkle to your almond nail designs by choosing a bronze tone.

4 Reasons Why You Need to Try Almond Nail Designs


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Apart from making your natural fingernails look beautiful, there are several other important reasons why you should try almond nail designs.

1. Trendy Nail Designs

Almond nails are among the trendiest nail designs available today. Furthermore, and they are even more practical than coffin or stiletto nail designs, especially because of their extra length and shape.

2. Slender Fingers

Almond nail designs can help to slenderize your thick fingers and wide nail beds. These nail designs feature slim sides, which narrow towards the end, and a curved tip. Although this stylish design isn’t effective for short nails, it looks lovely on longer nails. It will make your thick fingernails look long and thin thanks to its elongated shape.

3. Stronger Nails

Almond nail designs are meant to keep your nails fairly strong, despite their funneled sides. Narrow towards the tip with a curved tip, this shape draws out your fingers and makes your fingernails look slender and stronger. Almond nails also require a gel polish or acrylic, which are meant to strengthen your nails.

4. Versatile

Although almond nail designs require some length, you can still wear them shorter for a more natural look, while still preserving an edge. You can also wear them as fashion accessories for different occasions.

30 Almond Nail Designs

1. Beautiful Blue


Image source: Pinterest

Although this almond nail design is rather understated, it radiates sophistication and flair. It is particularly useful when you want to grow your fingernails without ruining your elegance. This nail design will allow you to look stunning whilst your natural nails continue to grow.

2. Pink Sparkles


Image source: Pinterest

This almond nail design allows the transition between pink and glitter to happen so smoothly. It’s also very easy to personalize, especially since you just need to change the base color (pink) or the glitter color, depending on the occasion and your preference. It’s perfect if you want to accentuate your fingernails. It also allows you to edit the ordering between the base color and the glitter.

3. Gorgeous Glitter Feature


Image source: Pinterest

Having several colors on your nails looks mesmerizing. You just need to understand the different colors that go well with your skin tone. For instance, if your skin is tanned, you should choose darker colors for your almond nails.

4. Creative Design


Image source: Pinterest

No law prohibits you from being creative with your artificial nails. Instead of choosing abstract colors or the glittery option for your almond nail designs, you can think outside the box and come up with creative designs. For instance, you can create poppies over a dark black background to bring out the fine details of colorful flowers. This will give you a perfect set of creative almond nails.

5. Unique Designs


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When you are doing your manicure with almond nails, choose unique designs that other people are yet to discover. For instance, you can create a contrast between light blue and black cuticles to make your almond nail design pop whilst the central line offers a more curved aspect.

6. Glittered Tips


Image source: Pinterest

Almond nails look stunning with glittered tips. The remaining plain nails give the tips even more prominence. This design is quite playful, but it can be rather hard to pull off. Therefore, so make sure you understand what exactly needs to be done before you start.

7. Eggsellent Design


Image source: Pinterest

This almond nails design is perfect for the Easter holiday. It consists of several bright and light colors to make your nails look dazzling.

8. Classy Shine


Image source: Pinterest

This design is perfect if you want almond nails that will work with most outfits but want more excitement. The use of glitter really helps these nails stand out. Plus, the combination of white and pink makes this design extra playful!

9. Crystal


Image source: Pinterest

It’s very easy to add some crystals to your nails. This design is perfect for giving your nails a 3D effect. You just have to be creative when choosing your crystal placement, and ensure that you or your salon have the necessary materials needed for these almond nails before you begin.

10. Orange Nails


Image source: Pinterest

Although orange isn’t the perfect color for everyone, it can leave your nails looking amazing if you get the shades right. Since this color isn’t commonly used, it makes the perfect change from traditional color sets.

11. Go Tribal


Image source: Pinterest

Lately, this design has become very popular, especially among people who love and understand fashion. There are many ways to get this design, depending on the occasion and preference. However, this design can be quite difficult to pull off on your own, unless you are a professional makeup artist.

12. Cool Toned Pallett


Image source: Pinterest

This is among the most creative almond nail designs. It’s quite unique because it uses various colors that match each quite perfectly. Therefore, it’s not very complicated. If you are designing your nails on your own, make sure you get the shades right.

13. Brilliant Black


Image source: Pinterest

Black nails look quite sexy. Despite its darkness, this design looks glossy and stylish. It will also help you make the right fashion statement. Matt black looks very classy and doesn’t need any other color or effect.

14. Black Glitter Fade


Image source: Pinterest

This is another perfect black almond nails theme. It’s not excessively used, and the gold glitter finishes it off perfectly. But it’s important to use top polish to give your nails have an elegant, glossy finish.

15. Add Some Text

Adding text to your almond nails is, without a doubt, striking and unique. This design is relatively unique and rare. It also helps you to personalize your nails by typing your name or anything else you love.

16. Luna Cycle

Although this nail design is a bit difficult to pull off, it is incredibly impressive. It mainly focuses on the moon and the eclipse images, but nothing stops you from adding other images of your choice.

17. Wishful White


Image source: Pinterest

A white almond nail design will never go out of fashion. It’s also incredibly simple to pull off. This nail design will give your almond nails a tidy and clean look, making them pop.

18. Marble and Red


Image source: Pinterest

Red and white shades are a perfect match, especially if the red is refined and the white has that bit extra. You can even have a gold-plated bar on the background just to give it more elegance.

19. Turquoise Pop


Image source: Pinterest

Although turquoise is not everyone’s color, it will leave your nails looking bright and sophisticated. It is particularly perfect for bright and summer days.

20. Yellow Almond Nails

Yellow Almond

Image source: Pinterest

This nail design is very easy to imitate on your own almond nails and truly looks the part. It is perfect for the warmer months.

21. Floral Green


Image source: Pinterest

Although this nail design is still not very popular, it’s expected to be huge over the next few years. It combines pink with light green to bring out the perfect style, especially when you only have three colors in total. Furthermore, there are many options that you can choose when painting your floral almond nails.

22. Nail Love


Image source: Pinterest

This nail design consists of the heart shape on the tips of your nails. It is one of the easiest almond nail designs to do. It’s also one of the most exciting nail designs. You just need to paint your nails a light pink to cover the base and replicate the heart shape with a bright red.

23. Purple Shine

Purple Shine

Image source: Pinterest

It’s very difficult to describe this nail design. Nevertheless, it looks amazing. Its simple, edgy shine gives it an extra edge. But you can replicate the image using any other color as the base.

24. Pink Ink

Pink Ink

Image source: Pinterest

This almond nail design involves the application of metallic grey to your nails to radiate a dripping ink look and feel. It’s a very cool design that looks stunning against the pink background.

25. Beige Patterns


Image source: Pinterest

The choice of color for this nail design always looks immaculate. It’s one of the few almond nail designs that you would like to imitate with the exact pattern and colors. Although this design is a little difficult to pull off, it’s worth it if your nail artist can do it.

26. Trio of Blue

Trio of Blue

Image source: Pinterest

What is particularly interesting about this almond nails design is the wide range of styles brought together. It combines refined color, pattern, and glitter. Its choice of colors also makes it light and refreshing.

27. Purple Feathers

Purple Feathers

Image source: Pinterest

This almond nail design requires the nail artist to use a fine nail brush to generate the needed effect of a feather, whilst flawlessly transitioning the feather image into the white base color.

28. Golden Spots

Golden Spots

Image source: Pinterest

This almond nail design consists of round spots of white and gold colors on the nails. The larger spots are created towards the nail cuticle, while the smaller ones are placed near the tip of the nail.

29. Half and Half

Half and Half

Image source: Pinterest

No law requires you to use the same style on all your nails. You can choose two different styles for your nails. For instance, you can choose a pink/silver combination for your nails.

30. Christmas


Image source: Pinterest

This design is perfect for Christmas because it captures the best of Christmas colors. From snowflakes to candy canes, there are many options for this almond nail design.

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