Deal with Customer Complaints

How to Deal with Customer Complaints on 3rd Party Sites

It doesn’t matter which sector you work in; dealing with customer complaints is inevitable. Even though your company may offer top-notch goods or assistance, some customers will finally face an issue that takes them to your Corporate Office Complaints team.

Please take note that your customers are your best option for quality assurance since, with their acceptance, your organization will succeed. That’s why when negative customer reviews blow in, it’s essential to be attentive to their problems since these are chances to grow your customer experience and relationship.

With this in mind, would you like to learn more about dealing with customer complaints, especially on third-party sites? If so, grab your mug of coffee and read on!

Accept the Customer Complaints with an Open Mind

When a customer comes forward with a problem, inform them that you recognize the issue and you’re working to address it. You’re not automatically accepting what they’re telling you; you’re just indicating that you can be in tune with them by practicing effective listening and saying statements like “Apologies for the problems you’re experiencing” before helping them out.

In light of this, customer complaints teams that combine financial relief and apologies tend to motivate customers to take back their pessimism, improving your customer relationship.

Get a Better Understanding Customer Complaints

To give the best customer service, it’s essential to have a detailed understanding of the problem. If you’re unsure about what a customer’s searching for, ask for further explanation before proceeding to help them. In some situations, a customer service agent might mistake something and inappropriately address the customer complaints, increase their dissatisfaction, and cause them to believe that you neither care about them nor their problems.

In such situations, companies take the extra step to contact them through social platforms or email. They do their best to explain the problem and potential solutions and enquire about which one they’d be comfortable pursuing. It helps in making sure that the answer they receive aligns with customer expectations.

Exceed Expectations with Your Customer Complaints

Even after settling the customer’s criticism, go the extra mile and surpass their expectations. It can help shift their negative response towards your organization to a positive one. This helps in portraying a good image of your company in the market scene. Surpassing your customers’ expectations can be in the form of focusing on the details and indicating that you care about their experience.

You can send a thankyou-note to the customer for giving you a chance to address the issue giving you an excellent point. You can also give them gifts like a coupon or another opportunity to check out new goods. Other offers like discounts would be great to lessen customer complaints.

Give Quick Customer Complaints Responses

When customers contact the customer complaints support team, they want to avoid getting passed around or waiting long before their problem is addressed.

Ensure your customer support team is well-equipped to handle most customer complaints by themselves because this offers an opportunity for a customer service agent to start a dialogue with an angry customer and provide solutions. This gesture can result in the customer believing their problem was addressed by the team seriously and immediately.

Responses to Customer Complaints should be Understandable

The proper procedure of handling customer complaints involves identifying the problem, providing a solution, serving any requests customers might have and replying to a complaint. As a customer service agent, you need to enquire from the customer whether they understand the solution you’ve provided.

Make sure you’ve done this in a manner that’s both respectful and shows your intentions. After discussing problems and solutions, ensure that your customers understand everything a customer service agent says, or it might result in a negative customer review.


Customer expectations have evolved over the years. With the rise of social platforms and organization review websites, customers have higher expectations for quick replies from the organizations they purchase from. They also anticipate that companies will address any problems as soon as they’re notified. We hope you have learned a few secrets about handling customer complaints on third-party sites.

Lastly, are you familiar with other ways to deal with customer complaints on third-party sites? Please share with us by leaving your comments down below.

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