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7 Famous Fermented Pickle Brands That You Must Try

It’s hard to think of a meal you can’t improve on with fermented pickle. Pickles are one of the most versatile condiments. You can use them with salumi, sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, smoked meats, salads, grilled cheese, and fried chicken. In some cases, fermented pickles are also essential to a recipe.

There are many renowned international fermented pickle brands on the market. If you feel out of depth making a selection, here’s a curated list of the top 7 most famous fermented pickle brands that pack a punch of flavor.

7 Best Fermented Pickles Brands

#1. Oregon Brineworks

Oregon Brineworks

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Oregon Brineworks is arguably the best fermented food brand in the United States. Based in Oregon, they produce a variety of krauts, condiments, pickles, and tonics using only farm-fresh ingredients.

The best part about Oregon Brineworks’ pickles is that they’re unpasteurized, which means you only receive fresh produce with no artificial flavors. Their most popular pickled products are Pickled Beets, Garlic Dill Pickle, Spicy Dill Pickle, and Ginger Roots.

#2. Kruegermann Pickles

Kruegermann Pickles

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Kruegermann Pickles is a California-based organic pickle manufacturer, specializing in a variety of gourmet recipes. It’s a family business with 5 generations of experience producing hot and spicy pickles. Their bestsellers include Fermented Dill Pickles, Hausfrauenart Pickles, Spicy Garlic Pickles, Habanero Pickles, and Frischgurken.

Kruegermann products are packaged without any preservatives, thus allowing for the natural production of probiotics. The dill and cucumbers used for Krugermann’s Dill Pickle products are sourced locally from a family-owned farm in Stockton, California. You can always expect freshness and superior quality from Kruegermann.

#3. Mediterranean Organic Wild Capers Non-Pareil

Mediterranean Organic Wild Capers Non-Pareil

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Looking for a pickle with a more exotic tone? Mediterranean’s organic wild non-pareil capers have been kissed by the Mediterranean sun and harvested individually by hand. They are then stored in a solution of sea salt and citric acid to preserve the rich natural flavors of the capers.

Mediterranean Organic Wild Capers are wildly popular in Mediterranean cuisine, but their ability to jazz up simple dishes like smoked meats, fish, and curries is unparalleled. It adds a dash of lemony tanginess and acidity that’s perfect for seasoning and flavoring dishes. You can easily find Mediterranean Organic Wild Capers in a Mediterranean or specialty store.

#4. Yee-Haw Pickle Company Honey Sweet Stackers

Yee-Haw Pickle

Image source: Yeehawpickles.com

Yee-Haw Pickle Company Honey Sweet Stackers is one of the cleanest pickles you will find on the market. It has nothing but cucumber and dill, marinated and preserved in a solution of vinegar, honey, and salt, and seasoned naturally with flavors of onion and turmeric. This combination yields a delectable balance of sweetness and tartness that adds complexity to dishes.

It goes best with dressings and marinades for all kinds of cuisine. And as the vegetables are already sliced, you can use it to perfectly top your sandwich — talk about convenience.

#5. Genuine Grub Spicy Pickled Radish

Genuine Grub Spicy Pickled

Image source: Pinterest

Genuine Grub Spicy Pickled Radish is a 100% natural probiotic delight made using non-GMO ingredients. It has a gentle oniony sweetness that’s contrasted by a feisty spiciness that comes from hot pepper powder. Add to that its incredible crunch factor and you have the perfect raw ingredient for salads and sandwiches.

Genuine Grub was declared the 2016 Clean Choice Award winner by Clean Eating Magazine for its smooth, tantalizing pickle condiments that always deliver a clean flavor. The pickle is always fresh and contains no preservatives. You can pair it with grilled cheeses, tacos, curries, rice, and stir-fries for top-notch results.

#6. Wildbrine Smoky Kale Kraut

Wildbrine Smoky Kale Kraut

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Kale is a leafy green cruciferous vegetable that’s known for being extremely rich in nutrients that offer a myriad of health benefits. Wildbrine’s Smoky Kale Kraut is a fermented kale pickle that delivers the probiotic nutritional richness of kale. Each jar contains handpicked raw ingredients sourced from local farms along the west coast and is meticulously prepared to ensure natural fermentation.

If the nutritional benefits and quality weren’t enough, the exquisite flavors of this kraut make it worth trying. It’s not called “Smoky” Kale Kraut for no reason. Each bite contains layers of savory notes, cherrywood smoke, and subtle hints of chipotle peppers. The final taste has no equivalent substitute among other pickle brands.

#7. Olive My Pickle

Olive My Pickle

Image source: Olivemypickle.com

Olive My Pickle is one of the most popular brands in North America for fermented and probiotic foods that promote gut health. They sell a triumvirate pickle bundle that includes Garlic or Onion Dill Pickle, Kosher Dill Pickle, and Spicy Dill Pickle, each lab-verified as probiotic. The ingredients are non-GMO and 100% organic with no artificial flavoring.

Be it cleanliness, freshness, flavor, and quality of nutrition, Olive my Pickle is a top-contender in all areas.

Where To Buy Fermented Pickles

You can purchase most of the fermented pickles provided in this list via the brand’s online store or website by clicking on the links provided.

You can also check online stores like Amazon, Walmart, or try your closest supermarket. Some brands may only be available at specialty shops.

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