gift ideas for athlete in your life

7 Gift Ideas for the Athlete in Your Life

We’ve all been there, clueless about what to get our athletic sons, daughters and spouses. Well, one thing you can never go wrong with is running shoes — that’s for sure. 

However, there aren’t many ideas for most people beyond running shoes. Well, not for long, because after you’re done with this piece, you’ll know exactly what to get the athlete in your life.

1. Running Shoes/Cross-Trainers

Regardless of the sport, the best running shoes will always be a welcome addition to any sportsperson’s arsenal, given that running is part of almost every sport. On running shoes offer more than just comfort; they protect joints from damage and improve performance. These shoes will enable them to conquer the terrain in the mornings, flatten hills outdoors and overcome new milestones in the gym. 

2. Water Bottles 

The essence of proper hydration cannot be emphasized enough, especially for athletes. Proper hydration helps in body thermoregulation and joint lubrication while also helping prevent cramps and heatstrokes.

That said, there are fewer gifts for your dearest athlete better than a simple water bottle. Fortunately, today you are spoilt for choice; you can go with a classic water bottle, settle on one with time-of-day indicators or go all out and buy a smart bottle. 

3. Gym Bag

Let’s assume you choose to buy everything on this list for your athlete. Don’t forget to pick a gym bag for them to carry everything in. 

Athletes can spend a good few minutes emphasizing why their gym bags are crucial. For one, they keep all the essentials in one place, reducing the chances of losing or misplacing something important and the hassle/time it goes into finding one. If you’re looking for a gym bag that is both functional and stylish, consider investing in one of the best leather bags for men in 2023. Not only will you be able to carry all your workout essentials, but you’ll also look sophisticated and put-together while doing it.

4. Foam Rollers

Muscle soreness is a routine part of any athlete’s activities. Whether pushing too hard in the gym, recovering after the holidays, or resting after a performance, being an athlete isn’t easy.

This is where the foam roller comes in. As a self-myofascial release, foam rolling can help your athlete relieve muscle soreness, inflammation, and tightness. Given that this is something most athletes don’t buy themselves, it’s a very thoughtful gift.

5. Blender Bottles

If your dearest athlete is into smoothies and shakes, they’ll love the blender bottle you’ll buy. This human innovation allows your athletes to make instant shakes on the go. This means no longer relying on the noisy blender at home or compromising on shakes outdoors. 

6. Wireless HeadPhones or AirPods

If your dearest athlete doesn’t have AirPods yet, there isn’t a better gift to get them out there. Wireless noise-canceling headphones or earbuds come in handy when one needs to drown out the noise and focus on their workout.

Listening to music or podcasts helps lessen the burden of a workout and makes gym work bearable. Studies show that music helps athletes improve their endurance, sometimes up to 15% more than usual.

7. A Smart Bathroom Scale

Body weight and athleticism are inseparable. And regardless of whether your dearest athlete is trying to gain weight, maintain it or lose it, a bathroom scale can go a long way. With modern technology, smart bathroom scales that connect to smartphones are now a reality and make a great gift for the most active person you know.

When buying a great present for a special athlete in your life, the options are endless. From great-look On Cloud shoes to a foam roller to a smart scale, you’re sure to impress with one of the gifts above.

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