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37 Unique Gothic Names for Your Baby or Pet

Nowadays, choosing the name for your baby or pet is not as conventional of a task as it once used to be. Instead of playing it safe, you can make things interesting and give them a name that will be memorable, catchy, and have a deeper meaning. Some of the best gothic names will make that possible as they are equal parts mysterious, beautiful, and sophisticated.

Below, you will find a list of the best gothic names for girls, boys, and your pets. Enjoy!

The Best Gothic Names for Girls

Gothic Names for Girls

1. Asya

If you want a dark and spooky name for your baby girl, then this one will be a great fit. In Swahili, this name translates into being born in a time of grief. So, you can use it if your baby was actually born at such a time or if it simply sounds good to you otherwise. Either way, your baby will have a unique name everyone will remember.

2. Belinda

You might be surprised to find this name on the list. After all, it stems from the Italian word belle, meaning beautiful. However, it also has a different origin for you to consider.

Namely, this name has origins in Old High German, where the name Betlinde meant bright serpent. So, combining these two meanings gives you one of the most complex gothic names for girls. It is a good name for someone exceptionally beautiful but also smart, cunning, and dangerous.

3. Endora

If you are looking for a name that has some romantic undertones and isn’t as dark, Endora is a great choice. It comes from the Bible, where a sorceress bore it. (1 Samuel 28)

4. Ianira

Ianira is a name that stems from Greek mythology, meaning enchantress. It sounds rich and lovely, and it will be a perfect choice for your own little goth goddess.

5. Kali

Sound-wise, Kali might seem like one of the sweetest and lightest names on this list. However, its meaning is anything but. Kali means the black one, and it is an old Sanskrit name. In fact, it is the name of the Hindu goddess of destruction.

6. Lethia

Lethia is another name with origins in Ancient Greek and Greek mythology. It means sweet oblivion, but it will be memorable like no other name.

7. Lilith

Lilith is, similarly to Kali, a name that sounds rather sweet but is anything but. It comes from the Akkadian word lilitu, which means one of the night. In mythology, the lady bearing this name is often a vampire and always a champion of feminism and protector of other women.

8. Morrigan

Morrigan means phantom queen, and it comes from Ireland. In Irish lore, anyone with this name represents death, destruction, doom, and victory in battle. It is a name for an independent and strong baby girl that shouldn’t be messed with.

9. Ostara

This name comes from a pagan holiday that celebrates the spring equinox. So, if your baby girl is an Aries and you need a spooky and beautiful name for her, look no further.

10. Wanette

Wanette is one of the most common gothic names, and it means the pale one. It reminds one of the vampires and those long hours right before dawn, while still sounding sophisticated and pretty.

11. Xylia

If you love nature and enjoy spending time in it, giving this name to your baby girl is a great way to show your devotion. Xylia means of the forest, and it comes from Ancient Greek.

The Best Gothic Names for Boys

Gothic Names for Boys

12. Athan

This name is quite similar to more common names such as Ethan or Ithan, but it has a more somber feel to it. It means immortal, and it is a perfect choice if you want something deep, powerful, and mysterious, but still simple.

13. Azrael

Azrael means angel of God in Hebrew. However, as close as this angel was to God, he was also the angel of death. So, this name is a perfect combination of darkness and light.

14. Briar

If you want a short and sweet name for your baby boy that is still a bit goth, this is the one for you. Briar is an older English word for thorn, and it will fit great with most surnames.

15. Carden

Carden is the perfect gothic name because it sounds dark and mysterious, but it represents longevity, determination, and strength as well. It comes from Norman French, and it means thistle, so it is also connected to nature.

16. Davorin

Davorin is a name that sounds regal, dangerous, and sophisticated. Its meaning confirms all of that. In Slavic mythology, that is the name of the God of war, one of the most powerful and feared deities.

17. Draco

This name was popularized by the Harry Potter books and movies, as one of the main antagonists, Harry’s nemesis, bears it. The name means dragon, but it also reminds one of Dracula, which is spooky enough on its own.

18. Hades

Honestly, it doesn’t get more goth than this. Hades is the God of the Underworld in Greek mythology, the most feared and mysterious deity. However, in a lot of myths, he was actually giving, just, and even sweet. So, this name is a perfect choice for a baby boy that will seem brooding and cold but will be a sweetheart underneath.

19. Ingram

Ravens are some of the biggest symbols and motifs in gothic literature, so this name will be a perfect choice. Ingram means son of the raven, and it comes from German. Ravens are known as beings of the night that can move between two worlds and communicate with them. It doesn’t get much darker than that.

However, ravens are also rather intelligent beings that represent artistry and deep thinking. So, this name is a perfect choice for a future artist.

20. Kyran

Kyran is an older Irish name that means black. The name is an obvious choice for a little gothic prince, and it sounds modern enough for you to use it today.

21. Lucien

Lucien is, just like Lucifer, derived from Latin lux, which means light. However, Lucien does not have the negative connotation of the other name, so you can use it freely, as both names mean bearer of light.

22. Osiris

This name sounds both spooky and regal, and it is easy to see why if you look at its origin. In Egyptian mythology, Osiris is the God of the dead, and he is both feared and highly respected.

23. Onyx

This name is one of the most popular gothic names for baby boys out there. It is the name of the black gemstone, which is believed to be a stone that absorbs all negative energy around it. The word onyx comes from Ancient Greek, where it meant claw. So, either way, Onyx is a great fit.

24. Salem

Salem is a great name that means peaceful in Hebrew. However, the word Salem is much more popular because of the town in Massachusetts where the infamous witch trials took place.

Thus, if you want a witchy name that will leave a strong impression immediately, Salem is the way to go. One thing is for sure: your baby will be remembered.

25. Thanatos

In Greek mythology, Thanatos is the God who collects the dead and brings them to the entrance to the Underworld. So, if you are looking for a seldom-heard name that will make your baby sound regal and important instead of something more common like Ben Simmons, this is the one for you.

26. Zagan

Zagan is a name that evokes feelings of danger and fear. He is one of the fallen angels, and he has two forms. Firstly, he appears as a bull with griffin wings, but he can also appear as a man. If you want your baby boy to have a menacing name that will be memorable, Zagan is a great choice.

The Best Gothic Names for Pets

Gothic Names for Pets

27. Fang

Fang is a great name for a dog, as it is short and catchy but sounds ferocious. No matter how cute your puppy might be, this name will make him sound like a true menace.

28. Buffy

Buffy instantly reminds people of the show Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and it is a cute name for any kind of pet. However, it might be best fitted to a cat or perhaps a dog. Either way, it’s a great gothic name for your favorite furry friend.

29. Morticia

Morticia is a name you know and love from the Addams Family franchise, and it is perfect for a little black kitten. The name sounds regal and posh, which makes it a great choice for the most sophisticated of all living creatures.

30. Spike

Another Buffy-inspired name, Spike is an interesting and fun choice for a dog, although it can also go well for a hamster or even a parrot. If you are feeling humorous, you can even give this name to your cat.

In the TV show Buffy, Spike is one of the villains, but he is, nevertheless, a pivotal and interesting character.

31. Hellhound

According to folklore, Hellhound is a demonic dog with supernatural powers. The best thing you can do is give this name to the smallest and sweetest little puppy ever. The irony will be funny to everyone, and you can shorten the name to Helly when you’re feeling especially loving.

32. Hecate

Hecate is the perfect name for a cat. It comes from Greek mythology, where Hecate was the goddess of witchcraft and had power over the sea, heaven, and earth. She resided in the Underworld, and people both feared her unpredictable nature and respected her immense power.

33. Casper

Casper is a cute little name for a puppy or a bunny. It is the name of everyone’s favorite friendly ghost, so it will be great for an excited and happy pet you can’t help but love.

34. Minerva

The famous professor Minerva McGonagall from Harry Potter can transform into a cat, and everyone can recognize her by the glasses it retains and its rigid and regal posture. Minerva is also the Roman goddess of arts and war, making this name truly perfect for your little feline friend.

35. Oracle

Oracle can work as a great name for both dogs and cats. According to mythology, oracles have the ability to see into the future and predict disasters.

36. Morgana

Morgana is a powerful enchantress from the TV show Merlin, where she is always toeing the line between good and evil. A character in the game League of Legends is also named Morgana. She is a soul siphon, and she inflicts her wrath upon those who are dishonest and corrupt.

This name is, thus, great for a gothy pet, especially for a cat.

37. Banshee

A Banshee is a supernatural being whose cries predict the death of a loved one of whoever hears them. These creatures are highly feared due to their power, so naming your cat or dog Banshee will make them sound extremely dangerous and menacing. Banshee is one of the most popular gothic names for pets out there.

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