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Hottest Gaming Trends You Mustn’t Miss in 2023

Several decades ago, people could hardly think about how huge the gaming industry would become in the 2020s, but now we have what we have. Entertainment that was considered childish is considered one of the leading industries where a handful of the latest technologies have been implemented. And when we think, “Well, what else can the gaming world surprise us with?” the manufacturers come up with something even more revolutionary.

Traditionally, mobile games remain the most demanded and profitable sector of the industry. At the moment, it is estimated at more than $90 billion, but it will develop more! Experts predict even greater growth, and some argue that in a couple of years, the turnover will be around $250 billion. Well, let’s see if these predictions come true. But it’s difficult to argue with the fact that the market is proliferating. Players are looking forward to the innovations of 2023, so let’s see what promising trends can be seen today.

GameFi & Play-to-Earn Trends

Play-to-Earn games were first released in 2017 but became increasingly in demand in 2021. This sector is quite competitive as compared to classic gaming solutions, and it’s expected to grow more in 2023. Such blockchain games allow players to create unique characters, upgrade them, and then sell them using the cryptocurrency the chosen platform is based on. 

The idea of getting income from exciting games is not new: for instance, users often play video slots online aiming to hit the jackpot, conduct live streams, or participate in esports tournaments. GameFi sector is much easier: you should just play, develop your character and get rewards.

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This industry is extremely attractive to investors, and the appearance of NFT tokens greatly increased its popularity. Any object’s price in the games significantly rises and can later be sold for a solid profit. Could we have imagined that selling weapons, artifacts, and land in games could help us earn hundreds of thousands of dollars? The rapid development of metaverses also increases users’ interest since the opportunity to own objects in virtual reality seems fantastic for those following all novelties and building their businesses in the digital world.

Multi-Platform Releases Suiting All Players

Many players would like the best games to be available for all devices, as some prefer to play at home on their Xbox, while others enjoy gaming on the go using their smartphones. It’s anticipated that the trend will become the leading one in 2023 since companies like Microsoft and miHoYo have declared their desire to endorse newly released products for all platforms. By the way, the latter company has already introduced Genshin Impact, which will be perfectly compatible with PC, PlayStation, and all devices on iOS and Android. We are confident that this innovation will be a win-win situation both for developers and gamers.

Evolution of Generative Artificial Intelligence

Remember those times when people were afraid that robots would replace us in everything and eventually take over the world? They have already arrived! However, there are no minuses for humanity, only pluses. The noticeable evolution of AI in recent years has affected the gaming industry, and many companies are actively using technology for their own purposes.

Only a few corporations have been able to make friends with generative AI, but it promises to become a megatrend in 2023. For example, Nvidia has already announced its use in their developments. Of course, the technology cannot yet generate high-quality products on its own, but nevertheless, it greatly simplifies and accelerates the creation process. We expect more developers to implement the technology so that passionate players won’t have to wait for the anticipated releases for long.

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