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Helly Hansen Relaunch at The Kinfolk Store

We worked with Brooklyn-based rapper Khary on this editorial paying homage to the brand’s impact on the culture during the 90’s here in New York but also all around Europe.
The very first “cool” piece of clothing I ever bought was a Helly Hansen tee shirt, and it was by accident. I was no older than 13 years old in my hometown of Montpellier, France, when I picked up a navy HH tee with an oversize white logo. Honestly, I just liked the graphic without knowing anything about the brand. I didn’t know about their Nordic heritage, I didn’t know about their current place in popular culture. The next day on the school playground, all the older cool kids came to ask me where I got the shirt (thats how people did before the internet).
Helly Hansen wasn’t the only inspirational label that was adopted heavily by the hip hop community, but what was very unique about it was how fast it spread back to Europe, especially France through our own Hip Hop community gatekeepers and spread all around the country. In a pre-internet world, where the only visual medium for brands to gain visibility were music videos, artists like Method Man, LL Cool J and Mobb Deep in NY or NTM in Paris offered HH an incredible level of exposure to the youth all across the US and Europe.
When the Kinfolk team and I were offered to relaunch Helly Hansen in Brooklyn this Fall, we immediately accepted. First and foremost because the product is still as dope as it was 25 years ago but also because we are all kids from the 90’s. We lived through that first cultural wave where hip hop and fashion met for the first time. We are now stoked to be part of this new chapter in the brand’s history and to be able to work along with their team to promote an inspirational lifestyle, always with the help of inspirational artists and musicians of the new generation.


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