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Kinfolk x Master-Piece

Kinfolk linked up with world renown Japanese brand Master-Piece to collaborate on some heat, the end result was a bikers bag with three different identities. Partnering with Master-Piece was a no-brainer, for the past two decades their craftsman art speaks of common fashion yet functionality.

Store Manager & Buyer, Josh Ilyas, who worked closely with Master-Piece on this collab says “My vision for the bag was based off of finding balance in this fast life of New York City. As someone who grew up in New York and one who’s constantly on the move, I’ve always found the need for bags that are essential to the environment. I wanted to create something functional that represented New York City aesthetically. Using master-piece’s ‘SLICK’ series, we’ve embodied the street and sports elements. Made with an original ‘MASTERTEX-06’ fabric, the series is highly moisture-proof and firmly equipped with fully waterproof elements. A seamless combination of Kinfolk’s embodiment of New York and master-piece’s ‘Made in Japan’ philosophy.


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