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Off Safety Is Almost Here

After much anticipation Kinfolk Life is honored to welcome Off Safety to The Kinfolk Store. “Off Safety is the concept of being at the ready… ready to shoot… ready to capture the unforeseen moments.Being in the unique position to have access to notable artists of the era, these Photographers capitalized on the opportunity by taking aim through their lenses. The collection of images is

the result of years on the front lines of the Hip Hop Music Industry.”

Off Safety is family at Kinfolk life – primary relationships built on the West Coast transcends to Brooklyn. We couldn’t just bring this collection to The Kinfolk Store without a proper launch party. We will be welcoming Off Safety with an exhibition March 1st at Kinfolk 94, where photography by Off Safety artists Paul Chan and Eddie Otchere, along with this anticipated collection are going to be available for purchase. After the exhibition the collection is going to be available in-store only and each piece is unique in it’s own right, so once it’s gone it’s gone.

View the Off Safety editorial above of the upcoming collection and behind the scenes video below. And make sure to follow Kinfolk on Instagram for all updates on Off Safety.

*Photographer: Josh Ilyas /Stylist: Denise Alejandro/ Models: Michelle Wabb & Sae Moore*



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