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Wacko Maria x Daidō Moriyama Arrival


*Photography - Go Fukasawa, Model - Denis Sharabarin, Styling - Yuri Mizokami*

The Japanese brand Wacko Maria just released their capsule collection Dead Skins with renown Japanese photographer Daidō Moriyama. Wacko Maria celebrates and honors Moriyama in Dead Skins, as the collection features his iconic obscure photography. Moriymama’s black and white photographs illustrated Japanese street life as well as sensuality – depicting the dissolution of traditional values experienced alongside accelerated modernization. In 2012 Daidō Moriyama received the Infinity Award for Lifetime Achievement from the International Center of Photography in New York.



The archetype for Kinfolk Life launched in Japan over a decade ago – making our strong admiration for Japanese photography and culture evident. Wacko Maria has built a reputation of honoring art by releasing capsule collaborations with artists for the culture -as seductively represented in Dead Skins. To us at Kinfolk, Wacko Maria is not just another favorite Japanese brand in our showroom but family as well. Wacko has been with The Kinfolk Store since the beginning – relationship built on direct connections and respect, making us your premier retailer on the East Coast for Wacko and exclusive retailer to carry the Dead Skins collab.

Dead Skins has been a highly anticipated collection and it is finally here – but with limited pieces they will be gone before you know it! Come to the Kinfolk Store or our Online Store to see the Wacko Maria x Daidō Moriyama’s collection Dead Skins.

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