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Organize And Declutter Your Bedroom: 10 Storage Tips

If your bedroom has become a mess with clothes and objects everywhere, then you need to think about decluttering and organizing your bedroom. Your bedroom should be a peaceful place, where you can unwind after a busy day, yet you can’t do that if your room is a mess. 

There are a lot of ways in which you can organize your room to make it flow better. By organizing your room, you will also be decluttering it at the same time. We have gathered 10 amazing storage tips that you should try to help you to organize and declutter your bedroom.

1. Use Under Your Bed For Storage

Some bed frames provide built-in under-the-bed storage for things like shoes and clothing that isn’t in season. This will offer you more space, as these items are out of sight. For clothing, pillows, blankets, and other items, under-bed storage bins and large storage bags made from cotton are also available.

2. Use Your Wall Space

Use vertical space to keep objects like nightstands and dressers clutter-free. A common and stylish choice for holding artwork, plants, or other items are floating shelves. Moreover, you can employ cube shelves, brackets, and picture ledges.

3. Use Ceiling Space

Unexpected storage space can often be found in places that many people don’t think about, such as under the bed. A closet, for instance, can provide a fantastic location for clever decluttering techniques. To store clothing or items, use clear containers, which you can then mark, so you can easily know what’s inside.

4. Pots And Containers

Put loose bedroom objects in attractive containers or pots to contain them. The tops of dressers or grooming stations should be covered with small boxes with lids of varying sizes. They’ll arrange your belongings while decorating surfaces and clearing clutter.

5. Drawer Dividers

A place near your bed or in your dressing area is frequently needed for little items like makeup brushes, notebooks, and pens. Use drawer dividers inside your dresser or nightstand to control the clutter. Twice a year, go over the contents and throw away anything that is expired.

6. Matching Baskets

You may organize your bedroom by placing items in storage baskets, such as spare blankets or shoes. Choose baskets with the same design or colors for a coordinated look. Then add labels, so you know what you have placed in each basket.

If the baskets are small, they could be placed onto shelves or into a wardrobe. However, if they are bigger then they can be kept in a corner of the bedroom out of the way. 

7. Clear Out Your Jewelry

If you wear the same couple of items every day, then it is easy to neglect the rest of your jewelry. 

Something you haven’t worn in over a year might be worth throwing out or donating, unless it holds a special memory for you. The remaining items can then be arranged and kept from getting misplaced or tangled using a bracelet holder with several prongs or a stand-up necklace storage.

8. Double Tier Rails

Think vertically in addition to horizontally while storing clothing. Your wardrobe’s potential will double if you have double tier rails. Maxi dresses and pants will need to be folded over hangers, but the additional storage space could be worth it.

9. Clutter Free Floors

Use sleek wall-hung side tables instead of floor-standing bedside tables to conserve space in a tiny bedroom. Having a storage drawer and a shelf for an alarm clock and a book helps provide the impression of more space.

10. Storage Headboard

The headboard to your bed doesn’t have to be a block piece of wood, it is a great storage opportunity. It can provide you with more shelves and storage. This could also be used as your bedside table, which would free up more space in your bedroom at the same time. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you have a big or smaller bedroom, there are ways to help improve your storage to organize and declutter your room. This can include installing more shelves, utilizing your ceiling or under the bed space, and going through your clothes and drawers every season. By doing these little things, you can keep your room cohesive. 

We hope you have found this article helpful. By following all or just a couple of the tips we have mentioned above, this will help you to create a tidy bedroom, in which you can find everything that you need to. 

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