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From Cute to Badass: 66 Pitbull Names for Your Furry Friend

Nowadays, pitbulls are some of the most popular pets out there. They are incredibly smart, loving, and fun. What’s more, they are quite diverse character-wise, meaning that you have to meet a pittie to be able to tell what it is like.

Since they are all so different, it is only fair that you have a wide range of pitbull names to choose from. That way, your pet can have a name that truly suits its character and appearance.

From cool and badass to cute and unique, here are the best pitbull names to consider for your furry best friend.

An Introduction on Pitbulls


Pitbulls are dogs descended from terriers and bulldogs. Throughout history, these dogs have been bred to be used in dog fights, which has earned them a bad reputation as aggressive pets.

However, it is widely believed that a dog’s character mostly depends on how it is cared for by its owner. If that is the case, then pitbulls are just as suitable as pets as any other dog breed.

Pitbulls usually have a bulky body and a square-shaped head, as well as little pointy ears on the top of their heads. They can be of any color, although brown, white, and grayish types are the most common. There are even some rare colored ones, like merle pitbulls (read more on that here).

These dogs are known to be quite agile, fast, and playful. They can be fierce protectors, which is what draws most people to them in the first place. All in all, they are a popular pe breed, despite all the concern and controversy around their aggressiveness.

The Best Pitbull Names for Your Pet

Now that you know the basics of pitbulls, it is time to dive into all the cute, unique, badass, and cool pitbull names for your consideration.

Female Pitbull Names

Female Pitbull Names

1. Lady

There is no softer and more sophisticated name for a female pittie than this one. Someone named Lady is sweet, gentle, loving, and peaceful. She is also royalty, which is exactly how she should be treated!

2. Lola

Lola is a sweet and playful name perfect for a pitbull with the same qualities. Even though the name is already quite short, you can shorten it even more into Lo, for when you want to be extra loving toward your baby.

3. Aurora

Aurora is the name of Sleeping Beauty. This princess is gentle, beautiful, and angelic. If you are a fan of fairytales, then such a name will be more than fitting for your pet as well.

4. Ruby

Naming pets after gemstones is the newest trend. Although virtually any gem can work, no name is as popular as Ruby. Giving your pittie this name means that you view her as your treasure or as someone valuable. This name is also a good choice if your dog has reddish fur.

5. Roxie

Roxie is one of the most popular pitbull names for females out there. This name is a perfect combination of feisty and sweet, just like most pitties are. Again, you can shorten it to Ro, which is just as cute.

6. Brooklyn

City names are always trendy in the pet world, and pitbulls are no exception. You can take virtually any city or town name and give it to your dog, but Brooklyn is popular because it can be shortened to Brooke. So, if you love this part of New York and want your furry friend to remind you of it forever, this name will be a perfect choice.

7. Trixie

Trixie is, similarly to Roxie, a name that combines sweetness and badassery perfectly. If your pet is feisty and playful but can also be the biggest sweetheart, this name will fit her wonderfully.

8. Diana

This name is popular for two reasons. Firstly, it reminds people of the late princess Diana. By giving such a royal name to their dogs, they honor her memory and remember her after her death.

However, Diana is also the name of the Roman goddess of hunt, virginity, and protector of children and childbirth. People love giving this name to pitties who grow up around kids, as it would make them seem like their protectors.

9. Clio

Clio is a name of Greek origin, meaning fame or pride. It is one of the most popular pitbull names, mostly because it is simple but unique enough to be memorable.

10. Baby

As great as rare pitbull names are, sometimes people love being traditional and showing their love through the name they give to their pet. If that is what you want, this lovely name is a perfect choice.

Male Pitbull Names

Male Pitbull Names

11. Buster

If you want your dog to have a name that says he is a tough guy that shouldn’t be messed with, Buster is a great choice. You can shorten it in many ways, so that it can even sound sweet and loving.

12. Duke

Duke is, just like Lady, a great name for a pittie that is like royalty himself. It is sophisticated and beautiful, and it will make you feel important each time you use it.

13. Archie

Archie is a perfect name for a quiet and sweet pitbull. If your pet loves to doze off constantly and he’s gentle with children and people in general, this name will be a great pick.

14. Buddy

Dogs are our best friends from the very first moment they walk into our lives. Naming your pittie Buddy is an excellent way to show your love and devotion. It is also a fantastic choice for a dog with a sweet and friendly nature.

15. Charlie

Charlie is one of the most popular pitbull names for boys. It is short for Charles, which is a royal name everyone has heard of. So, this name is a good mix of sophistication and sweetness, perfect for a free-spirited but gente pupper.

16. Leon

This name is reminiscent of a lion, so it is perfect for feisty and overprotective pitties. It is also a great pick if your dog has yellowish fur.

17. Felix

Felix means happiness or luck, so it is a fantastic name for a dog that is the light of your life, as pets often are. It is a good pick for a pittie that brings joy to everyone around him and loves to play and run around.

18. Jasper

If you need a name that is simple and serious but can also be shortened, this is the one for you. You can call your dog Jas from time to time, and it will show him just how much you love him.

19. Flynn

Flynn is a popular name for dogs in general, but pitbull owners love it in particular. This name is a perfect option if you are a fan of the Disney movie Tangled, where the main character is named Flynn Rider.

Flynn is resourceful, smart, somewhat cunning, but he also cares deeply about people and can be quite sweet. If you love this mix of features, naming your dog Flynn is the perfect name to manifest them.

20. Carter

Carter is a popular dog name among British royalty and American presidents. So, your dog will be the most important being in the room if you opt for this name. It is equally sophisticated and sweet, and it will suit any pittie wonderfully.

Unique Pitbull Names

Unique Pitbull Names

21. Ziggy

Despite sounding rather sweet, this name of German origin means victorious protector. It is a great name for a pitbull that is fun and loving but will do anything to protect those he loves.

22. Zora

The name Zora is of Slavic origin, and it means sunrise or daybreak. It is short and memorable, so it is a perfect fit for a free-spirited pitbull.

23. Ida

Ida is a lovely German name for a gentle pitbull female. Various mythologies also feature this name, where the woman bearing it was either a goddess or a nymph.

24. Banjo

The banjo is a type of stringed instrument that is used mostly in country and folk music. However, it is also a popular unique name for dogs. If you like these genres of music and have a joyful and playful pupper, go for it.

25. Orion

Orion is a name loaded with meaning. It is a constellation you can see in the sky, and it is also the name of a hunter who Artemis kills in Greek mythology. If you’re into any of these two things, you can honor it by giving this unique name to your pet pitbull.

26. Fern

Fern is a plant that symbolizes eternal youth, new life, and new beginnings. These meanings make it a perfect name for a pittie who changed your life by coming into it and who you now cannot live without.

27. Oslo

Oslo is another city name that can work as a name for a dog just as well. However, unlike Brooklyn, it is not that common and it is much more memorable due to its rarity.

28. Fidget

Does your dog always move around and just cannot seem to keep still, no matter what you do? Then this mischievous pupper might be best fitted with a name such as Fidget. You can even shorten it to Fidg, which is just as sweet and playful.

Cute Pitbull Names

Cute Pitbull Names

29. Bubble

If your pittie has a bubbly personality and loves to play around all the time, the name Bubble will fit him or her great. It sounds poppy and fun, which makes it perfect for a cute puppy.

30. Cheeky

As the name itself suggests, it is fitting for a dog that is cheeky and loves to play. If your puppy spends his time jumping around and chasing after birds and squirrels, this name will suit him wonderfully.

31. Fairy

Fairy is a good choice for a female pitbull if you are a fan of fantasy. Fairies are known for their magical powers, being helpful and nice, and their mysterious nature.

32. Honey

If your pitbull is the sweetest little dog you know, the name Honey will suit it perfectly. This name is great because it works well both for males and females, and it is especially great for pitties with golden fur.

33. Jazz

Fans of jazz have found a great new way to honor that love, and it is naming their dogs after this genre. This name will fit your pitbull perfectly if they are playful but sweet.

34. Phoenix

Phoenix is a fantastic choice for a pitbull who is strong and resilient. If you have adopted a pup that has been through a rough time and will finally have a stable home, this name will fit him wonderfully.

35. Sparky

For a pittie with a sparkling personality and sweet nature, this name will be a perfect fit. It is an even better choice if his or her fur is white.

36. Gummy

Gummy is as cute of a name as it can get. It reminds one of gummy bears, so it will be a good name for a pitbull who is as cuddly and gentle as a bear.

37. Lucky

If your dog brings you happiness and joy every day and if you feel lucky to have him in your life, naming him Lucky is a great way to show it.

38. Sugar

Mostly a name for female pitbulls, Sugar can work great for a dog that is gentle and sweet. It can also be a great choice for a dog with a sweet tooth.

39. Twirl

Twirl is a name that will fit a dog that just cannot keep still. It is equally playful and sweet, and it is unique enough to be memorable.

40. Sweetie

Sweetie is short for sweetheart, and it is one of the most common terms of endearment. If you want to show just how much you love your dog and how gentle their nature is, this name is a great choice.

Badass Pitbull Names

Badass Pitbull Names

41. Butch

Butch is the perfect pick for a tough little pupper. It also reminds one of classic action movies, so if that is your forte, picking this name for your pet is the way to go.

42. Fang

The ferociousness of this name is pretty much self-explanatory. It is a great choice for Harry Potter fans, as Hagrid’s infamous guard dog bears this name in the beloved books.

43. Jinx

Any dog with this name sounds like someone you just shouldn’t mess with. It is especially fitting for pitbulls, who already have quite a reputation.

44. Arya

If you’ve read or seen Game of Thrones, you probably know how badass and strong Arya Stark is. If you are a fan of the show or book series and want to show how tough your pittie is, choosing this name is a perfect way to combine the two.

45. Xena

Xena is a name you are probably familiar with from the TV series Xena: The Warrior Princess. She fights evil and is feared by all her adversaries, which makes her a perfect role model for a badass little pitbull.

46. Mayhem

Is your dog always causing havoc, no matter how hard you try to keep him in check? If yes, honoring that trait with a name like Mayhem seems like a rather fitting thing to do.

47. Vixen

Whether you are a fan of the DC comic character or one of Santa’s faithful reindeers bearing this name, naming your pitbull Vixen will make her sound feisty and tough. However, it will also let people know that she is playful and that they should always expect the unexpected where she is concerned.

48. Aragorn

If you are a fan of the Lord of the Rings series by J. R. R. Tolkien, naming a pet after one of the characters is a great way to show it. A badass pitbull would do well with a powerful name such as Aragorn, who is one of the main characters in the novels.

49. Spike

Apart from sounding insanely powerful, Spike is actually the name of a rather famous dog actor from the 1950s. This dog starred in dozens of movies along with famous Hollywood stars, which makes this name an even better pick for your pet pitbull.

50. Blaze

Blaze is a fantastic name for a pitbull who has a bit of a temper. It will also sound feisty enough to make everyone vary, but cool and memorable enough to not be too in your face.

51. Medusa

Medusa is one of the most feared women in Greek mythology. Sakes adorn her head, and looking at her turns one into stone. So, this name is a perfect pick for your female pittie.

52. Zelda

The name Zelda translates into strong woman or fighting maid. As such, it is a great choice for a female pitbull. It is an even better option if you are a fan of The Legend of Zelda, a high fantasy video game series.

53. Devil

If you want to go all out and show your dog is as badass as it gets, naming him after Lucifer himself will truly drive that point home.

54. Iron

This name is fitting for a pitbull that is strong and serious. It is short and memorable, and it will show everyone that your pet is a fierce pupper.

55. Hades

In Greek mythology, Hades is the ruler of the Underworld. He judges the souls of the dead and determines where they will spend their afterlife. As such, he is the most feared deity. However, in most myths, Hades is depicted as just and even-natured.

This name is perfect for pitbulls who seem ferocious at first glance but are actually sweethearts underneath.

Cool Pitbull Names

Cool Pitbull Names

56. Dragon

Dragons are fierce creatures that breathe fire and cause fear everywhere they go. If you want your pitbull to have the coolest name out there, naming him or her Dragon will do the trick.

57. Pirate

Pirates are notorious for their cunning nature and their love for rum. Whether you are a fan of Captain Hook from Peter Pan or if Jack Sparrow is more your type, naming your pitbull Pirate will show everyone just how cool he is.

58. Rebel

If your dog is a free spirit who refuses to be tamed, the name Rebel is a cool way of letting everyone know about it. If you need to, you can also shorten the name into Reb or Reby when you need a term of endearment.

59. Raven

Raven is one of the coolest names you can give to a back pitbull. Ravens are also quite intelligent and intuitive creatures, so such a name would speak volumes about your dog’s character as well.

60. Chase

Chase is a cool name for pitbulls that love running around and chasing after everyone and everything. It shows that your pet is playful and agile, and it’s a good choice for males.

61. Bullet

Bullet is badass and cool in equal measure. You can give this name to your dog if you want to emphasize his speed or if you want to show his strength and how tough he is to everyone.

62. Zeus

Zeus is the ruling god in Greek mythology, and his power is unparalleled. Thus, naming your pitbull Zeus would show that he is the boss in every room he’s in, and everyone else should watch out.

63. Nala

Nala is everyone’s favorite lioness from Disney’s The Lion King. She is spirited, spunky, and knows how to get what she wants. Naming your pitbull Nala will show that she is exactly the same.

64. Karma

Karma means fate or destiny, but it is much more popular as a symbol of the spiritual principle of cause and effect. Giving your pitbull the name Karma is a cool way of showing she is not to be messed with, no matter how sweet she might seem.

65. Thor

Thor is the Nordic god of thunder and ruler of Asgard. However, you probably know him better as one of the main characters from Marvel’s comics, specifically from the Avengers franchise.

This name is great for pitties that are feisty but sweet and gentle underneath their serious exterior. Thor is also blonde and pale, so this name goes well for dogs with white or golden fur.

66. Diamond

Diamond is one of the most popular cool pitbull names out there. You may give it to your pet if she’s the shiniest and most important part of your life. You can also shorten it into cute variants such as Di or Dixie.

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