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How To Write A Resume Objective For Customer Service: Best Tips

Your resume is your first introduction to your hiring manager. And given the number of prospects HR likely has to shuffle through, you only have one shot to make a lasting impression. To make a strong impression, you need to make sure that your resume reflects your qualifications and goals in a very crisp manner and is in compliance with the company’s decorum.

Sometimes, people don’t have the time to go through your entire resume and record of achievements. Making your objectives known at the top of the page can help you stand out. Here are some useful tips on writing a resume objective for customer service applications.

What Is a Resume Objective?

Resume Objective

A resume objective is your purpose for applying to a particular job. This section of your resume is pretty succinct and includes a statement of your professional goals that align with the job description of the opening to which you’re applying.

Ideally, you should customize a resume objective for each position you apply to. This shows that you’re determined and have clarity about what you want to achieve in your career, and how the particular job will help you achieve it.

When Should You Use a Resume Objective?

When Should You Use

Ideally, you should always use a resume objective. It helps hiring managers to gauge your intentions and is an effective communicative strategy to get you called in for an interview.

This is especially important for people entering new careers or just graduating. For instance, if you’ve had a history of working in a particular field and suddenly apply for a job outside your primary domain of expertise, that can arouse confusion about your motives.

Or if you’re just leaving college and starting a new career, the firm would still want to know why you specifically applied there.

A statement that explains why you’re seeking a job in this new field and how your past skills can be transferred goes a long way in such situations. It adds a touch of sincerity and professionalism, and if needed, passion to your overall profile.

What Is Unique About a Customer Service Resume Objective?


Customer service jobs emphasize soft skills and may involve a technical element or two. But for the most part, they require you to establish cordial relations with customers, understand their concerns or requirements, and coordinate with your team efficiently to satisfy customer queries.

And there’s typically a time constraint to this, too, as well as a set of before and after-sale policies that need to be laid out with subtlety.

Customer service representatives are essentially a buffer or middle-person between the company and its consumers. Your job entails allegiance to your company while working for the best interests of your consumer, which is a tricky balance to maintain.

Your resume objective needs to strongly hint at your capabilities and experience in being an effective communicator, eagerness to create new rapport for your firm, and working well in a team.

Resume Objective for Customer Service


Here are some possible resume objective statements you can include, depending on your level of experience or seniority.


When you’re new, you don’t want to spout off too much about your skills. It can come across as a bit arrogant. Try to keep the resume objective more focused on how enthusiastic, committed, and/or open you are to learning more about your chosen field.

If you’ve made some achievements or have experiences that offer a clear practical advantage to the firm in hiring you, you can express them. But make sure you don’t oversell.

#1. To secure gainful employment at a firm with the potential for long-term occupation and a positive atmosphere that is conducive to learning.

#2. Seeking a career in a field where I can be a part of a team and help forge my company’s reputation and rapport with customers. I am also eager to help build new bridges and help connect my firm to more customers.

#3. I aim to secure a job as a customer service representative, which will allow me to build upon my interpersonal and communication skills.


If you have some work experience in an appropriate or similar field, you should include them in your resume objective, too. Just try to keep it brief since these aren’t supposed to be longer than a paragraph.

#1. I am dedicated, sincere, and good at problem-solving and multitasking. I seek a career that allows me to build upon my talents with experiences in resolving customer issues.

#2. Seeking employment at a firm that will allow me to maximize my people-oriented skills and foster new relationships for my company.

#3. I am a Graduate in Communication Studies/Marketing and have 5+ years of experience in handling public relations for my firm.


If you have a tremendous amount of experience to offer, start with that when applying for a senior position.

#1. To seek a higher and more rewarding position at an exceptional company where I can also further diversify my skills. I aim to contribute selflessly and with ethics to influence change and help build new talent.

#2. I have over 20+ years of experience in the customer service department with 5 years of experience at the managerial level. I aim to bring wisdom, integrity, and the full gamut of my skills to a senior position at a remarkable company.

#3. Seeking to use my extensive background in the customer service field and as a department head to improve the processes associated with customer relations.
Common Mistakes When Writing A Customer Service Resume Objective

To ensure your customer service resume objective is effective, concise, and professional, avoid making these common mistakes:

• Typos and grammatical errors
• Lack of specifics when talking about what you’ve done and what you’ve accomplished
• Genericism
• Longer than 1 paragraph
• Leaving out important information
• Incorrect contact information

3 Tips For Writing a Customer Service Resume Objective

3 Tips For Writing

Always remember these 3 tips when writing a customer service resume.

1. Embrace Brevity

Your employer likely has hundreds of resumes to read, and more if it’s a large company. You have to remember that your resume is a professional bit of writing, not creative. It needs to be as short, easy-to-read, and clear as possible. Try to be minimalistic when it comes to language.

2. Talk Value

Avoid talking about things your employer wouldn’t be interested in, from a purely business perspective. Focus on talking more about the value you can bring to the business.

3. Be Specific

Lastly, be specific about why you want this job, what makes you a good candidate, and how the job description aligns with your own goals. Don’t beat around the bush or make vague statements.

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