romantic things to do for your wife

10 Romantic Things To Do For Your Wife To Express Your Love

A good marriage isn’t something you find. It’s something you have to make and keep building upon consistently to fortify it. And you know you’ve found the right partner when working on your marriage doesn’t feel like a chore.

However, all marriages have dry periods. They’re completely natural and nothing to stress yourself over, but that doesn’t mean you leave it alone either. A dry period can get worse if ignored. And fixing these dry spells doesn’t always have to be complicated. Here are 10 romantic things to do for your wife to help rekindle the passion.

#1. Plan A Romantic Picnic


Find a good spot, preferably in a scenic park or the beach, and have yourselves a good old-fashioned picnic. Being close to nature will provide some of the best visual and auditory aesthetics for relaxation and will help you get away from work and city life for a while. And planning a picnic can take some effort, so it shows you care.

You’ve probably been with your wife for what is most likely a long enough time to know her likes, dislikes, restrictions, and allergies when it comes to food. Remember to take them into account when packing your picnic lunch. And try to find a spot that’ll give you some privacy. It will give you the space and peace of mind to have a pleasant conversation or enjoy comfortable silence.

#2. Send Her Cute Texts Regularly


Cute texts are another great way to keep the romance alive. When it comes to matters of the heart, never underestimate the advantage of technology. You don’t need to send texts every hour. And they don’t need to be flirty either, although if you have a good line, go for it.

Here are some ideas for what kinds of cute messages you could send her:

  • Tell her you were thinking about her. Let her know she’s on your mind even when she’s not around.
  • Send her a joke or some cute memes.
  • Share something interesting about where you are or what you’re doing right now.
  • Send her an old picture of the two of you together with a cute throwback caption.
  • Flirt.

#3. Give Her A Massage


It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been married, physical affection will always play an important role in your relationship. Physical affection not only allows you to fulfill the physical needs of each other, it also helps build trust and makes your partner feel safe and wanted. A massage is one of the best ways to express affection to your significant other. Nobody gets too old for a little bit of pampering now and then.

Start with a gentle neck massage and slowly segue into a shoulder and back rub. Look up some massage techniques to help you get better at this. Going in with some technical knowledge can make a huge difference. You can even use scented candles and aromatic oils to amp up the atmosphere.

#4. Write Her A Love Letter


If you have been living apart from your wife for a while, letters can help you stay connected. Letters are an intimate form of communication. You don’t have to be a poet or a wordsmith. Just be genuine and talk to her the way you always have. Write about things that you would want to share with her.

You may be wondering why letters? Why not just a text or an email? Letters feel more personal and they have always had a romantic notion attached to them. Being able to hold a letter from your loved one can make you experience the presence of the person writing to you.

#5. Do House Chores Together


Keeping your house neat and organized is typically either a shared responsibility or one borne by women. In either case, surprising your partner by taking up some of the chores she generally does is an underrated romantic gesture.

For instance, if you’re low on detergent or other cleaning supplies, you could make a trip to the supermarket and pick up the essentials. You could also help by taking up some of the grunt work like doing the dishes. Try to be more proactive in keeping your house orderly, and lending your wife a hand with chores whenever you get the chance.

#6. Cook A Romantic Meal For Her


As the old saying goes, the stomach is one of the fastest ways to the heart. Cooking a meal for your partner is romantic for several reasons.

Cooking involves some labor and complicated decision-making on your part. It also shows initiative, which is very important to women. And lastly, being able to cook is an attractive skill.

#7. Plan A Spontaneous Date Night


Going out of your way to plan a surprise date is a gesture your wife will truly appreciate. Just make sure you pick a good day when she isn’t tired. It doesn’t have to be a fancy date but try to make it special, even if it is simple. Perhaps a place from one of your most memorable dates.

Dating is a way of getting to know someone before you get serious with them. But people can change a lot with time, which is why going on regular dates even when you’ve been together for years can help you bond with each other and help you get to know your wife all over again.

#8. Have A Deep Conversation With Her


How long has it been since you sat down and had a conversation with your partner where you lost track of time? The simple act of talking will always remain the most powerful form of intimacy in relationships. Having deep conversations from time to time is necessary to keep the romance alive, because you can’t have romance without building that connection.

Deep conversations should be about subjects like your goals or dreams in life, your relationship, the future, and happiness. Try to make these conversations productive by being attentive, honest, and receptive.

#9. Get Her Flowers


Flowers are an undeniably popular form of showing affection. While they may be a bit of a cliche, flowers are almost always welcome and always appreciated. There are lots of flowers to choose from, so try not to get lost. You won’t lose points for not picking her favorite one. All flowers are beautiful.

If you’re planning to purchase potted flowers, make sure you have the appropriate room and set up to care for them. Even a single rose can carry a lot of weight and spark romance.

#10. Compliment Her Regularly


Compliments and flirting make a relationship feel young. If you’ve been married long enough, you may have already made every compliment you could think of. But if you can, come up with more things you notice and like about her. It’s alright to even repeat your compliments. The goal is to make your partner feel desired and strengthen your bond.

Plus, compliments tend to invite compliments, so there’s something in it for you too. Flirting is typically the precursor to a romantic relationship but can also help renew romance in an old relationship just the same.

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