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5 Signs It’s Time To Wean Your Baby

Switching your baby from formula to food is an important milestone for your baby – but how do you know they are ready? The last thing you want is to be left with a ton of leftover baby formula (don’t worry, you can sell your unused baby formula at Sell Formula’s website – https://sellformula.com/). 

Here are 5 signs that it’s time to wean your baby, no matter how much baby formula you still have around your home. Check them out below! 

They Can Stay In A Sitting Position

In order for your baby to eat soft foods comfortably, they need to be able to stay in a sitting position without support. 

This doesn’t mean that once your baby is big enough for a high chair, you can start feeding them soft foods. They may start to slip or slide around in their seat – and this can cause problems if they have food in their mouths! 

So, your baby should not start eating solids until they have the strength to sit up and stay up all by themselves. Once your baby can do this with ease, you can start weaning! 

They Can Hold Their Head Steady

Another important sign that it’s time to introduce soft foods to your baby is that they can hold their head steady by themselves. 

This milestone often comes around the same time your baby learns to sit up all on their own. Babies can start to lift their heads up around the age of 3 months – but this doesn’t mean they are ready for weaning. For a while, their head may still bob and wobble around because they don’t have full control of their heads yet. 

This means that giving a baby solid soft food at this point is risky because they may move and choke while trying to eat. So, wait until your baby can hold up their own head steadily as it’s a sign they have full control over their head’s movement! 

They Are Swallowing Food 

Babies are born with the ability to swallow but swallowing food is another thing. 

Giving your baby food before they are ready means that they may struggle to swallow it properly and instead, spit it back up. This is because while they may be able to swallow liquids like milk, swallowing solid food is more difficult for them and requires more strength. 

If you have tried giving your baby some soft foods and they are not swallowing it correctly, then this is a sign that they are not ready for weaning. Most babies are ready for weaning after 6 months because, by this point, they should be able to swallow solid food comfortably. 

Good Hand, Eye, and Mouth Coordination 

A common misconception is that a baby is ready for weaning when they start chewing their fists – but this is not a sign that they are ready for solid food. This is just regular baby behavior. 

Instead, you should look for good coordination with their eyes, hands, and mouth. This is because, by this point, they should be able to pick up their own food, look at it, and put it in their mouth. It’s also a sign that they are ready to start learning how to chew and can move the food around in their mouths more easily. This will make eating solid food more comfortable for your baby. 

They Are Interested In Your Food

This sign is not as important as the others, but it’s definitely one to look out for. Even if your baby has reached all the milestones to show they are physically ready to start eating solid foods, they may not be interested in them yet. 

If your baby simply isn’t interested in solid foods, then don’t force them to eat what they don’t want. 

Luckily, most babies are interested in food way before they are even physically ready for weaning. This can lead to some pretty funny interactions but if your baby is becoming more interested in your food than theirs (typical signs include staring, and opening their mouths) then it’s a good sign that you may be able to start weaning them soon. 

Final Thoughts

Once your baby is exhibiting these 5 important signs, you can start weaning your baby. 

If you have any concerns or doubts, then talk to your doctor or a health advisor. They will be able to ease your concerns or provide helpful guidance to ensure your baby is weaned when they are ready – and not before! 

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