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What Men Want From Women: 10 Traits They Look For

You must have found yourself wondering at least once: “What is going on inside his head?” Knowing what your partner wants from you is crucial to maintaining a healthy relationship. But getting inside a man’s head is often not that easy. They can be very closed off to everyone, so figuring out their preferences can seem like navigating a rather complex maze.

But fear not ladies — here is a list of what men want from women that will help you better understand your partner.

1. The Looks Are (Almost) Everything


Let’s cut straight to the chase — men are all about aesthetics (in the beginning). Men indeed value beauty very much, and in turn, they can forget everything else. So if you want to impress your next date, be sure to do whatever plays into your natural beauty. Take as much time as you need to do your make-up; wear a nice, elegant dress and classy heels. Your date will appreciate the effort immensely.

However, keep in mind that the effect of beauty wears off after a while, and men begin to seek more from their partners. They realize that attraction based purely on looks will not take them very far.

2. Being Independent

A strong man naturally wants a strong woman beside him. When he sees a reliable woman pushing hard to achieve her goals, he sees a person he can trust. And trust means everything to a man.

It is crucial for independent men to be able to go through life with an equal partner. He wants someone to make important life decisions with, a partner that can greatly contribute to the relationship (and yes, that means financially, too).

3. Communication Is Key

Regardless of other things, what men want from women is open communication. No, he cannot read your mind, nor can you read his, which is perfectly fine. Both of you should make a real effort to communicate what you like and don’t like.

Whether you appreciate him taking you out for a nice dinner or you don’t like that he stays up all night, always say how you feel. Extend this to the bedroom, as well. Being comfortable and fulfilling each other’s sexual desires is a crucial aspect of most relationships — and neither can be achieved without communicating.

4. Affection


Yes, your big, strong guy sometimes just needs to fall into your arms and be loved. Maintaining this “nothing can affect me” image is hard, so all he needs is a big comforting hug after a long day.

Furthermore, openly showing and giving affection is even more important when he is going through a rough period in his life. Being able to count on your emotional support can have a very reassuring effect on him.

5. He Wants Your Support in His Ventures

In the modern world, men feel a lot of pressure to succeed, to leave a legacy. This pursuit can become extremely exhausting, but your support can help him to keep pushing.

He needs you to understand his need to succeed. What’s more, he needs to know that you trust him to make the right decision at the right time. After all, he is trying to succeed for both of you.

6. Positivity

Imagine coming home to a gloomy atmosphere with a stormy cloud hanging above your head. Not a very pleasant situation, is it? What men want from women is simple — to be positive.

Men want a woman that they can enjoy their life with. Going out, having fun, trying out new things, all of these are important things to him. More importantly, a positive person will motivate him to be a better version of himself. He will think about all the possible ways to make you feel happy, and your relationship will grow.

Now, this doesn’t mean you are forbidden to feel moody. All of us hit the wall sometimes, and that is perfectly okay. It’s just that, with a positive outlook, those clouds are not going to be there constantly.

7. Agreeableness


This one is pretty straightforward — he wants someone he is compatible with. Not surprisingly, the more agreeable you are, the easier it is to build this compatibility with your partner.

He wants a relationship that flows, where neither of you has to work extra hard on maintaining the relationship. Being agreeable makes him trust that he can approach you with anything, and you can go through it together.

Of course, honesty is still the best policy. Saying when you disagree is vital — after all, you can’t agree with each other on everything. However, quickly coming up with solutions that are best for both of you is a major plus in his eyes.

8. He Wants to Be Adored

A lot of men give off a vibe that they don’t care. What you think about their looks or how they dress is just insignificant to them, right? Wrong!

He craves your compliments about everything. It can be a compliment for cooking a delicious dinner or fixing something in the yard. Men need compliments but will go out of their way to avoid them.

But the truth is, they want to be noticed as much as women. So, ladies, shower your men with compliments about everything they do, and they will love you for it even more.

9. Being a Good Listener

This is probably the one trait that is overlooked the most. Naturally, it doesn’t mean that you should listen to him constantly talking without giving your opinion. Being a good listener means you can understand where he’s coming from.

Opening up is the way he connects with you, so knowing he can say anything and that you will try to understand is very reassuring to him. Feeling that he can be vulnerable in front of you is fundamental for building a solid relationship.

10. Creativity

Finally, what men want from women is an abundance of creativity. Switching things up is a major move to keep your relationship from going stale. Surprise him with a weekend getaway, make a meal that you never made before — anything that you don’t do on a day-to-day basis.

Just like spicing things up in the kitchen, spicing things up in the bedroom is as important. Don’t become complacent. Otherwise, sex will become something neither of you fully enjoy. So surprise him with sexy lingerie, experiment with roleplays, keep things interesting, and you will see your relationship reach new heights.

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