what to wear in 60 degree weather

What To Wear In 60 Degree Weather: 7 Perfect Outfit Ideas

Fall, or 60-degree weather, in most countries is one of the most beautiful times of the year to be out. It’s not too hot, it’s not too cold, and the breeze is refreshing. Even couch potatoes can’t deny the allure.

However, sometimes the weather can be unpredictable, especially when you’re transitioning between spring and fall. And this can make it tricky to decide what to wear. So, to make things easier, here are 7 perfect outfit ideas for what to wear in 60 degree weather that are both stylish and practical.

How to Dress for 60-Degree Weather

#1. The Layered Look


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When the weather unpredictably shifts between warm and cool, layered outfits are your best friend. They’re both fashionable and ideal for the season. Wearing a leather or denim jacket you can zip up over your shirt will help break the wind when it’s cold.

If it’s hot, just zip down to let the breeze in. Layered looks offer ventilation without discomfort, and they’re fashionable no matter what part of the world you’re in.

If it’s a cloudy day, it would be preferable to avoid leather and go with jackets that offer water resistance. When leather is exposed to excessive amounts of moisture, it tends to become stiff or perhaps even rot.

In most parts of North America, the fall season and rain tend to go hand in hand. Depending on the region you’re in, you may need to prepare for the contingency of rainfall when picking your attire.

As for what to wear on the inside, a loose-fitting cotton shirt or other breezy pieces would be the best choice.

#2. Long Sleeve Bodysuit and Trouser Shorts


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The juxtaposition of the tight long sleeve bodysuit against the loose-fitting nature of trouser shorts makes for a dynamic clothing choice that will make you stand out.

The bodysuit accentuates your body shape and shoulders, making you seem larger or stronger. The trouser shorts allows enough room for catching the breeze and offers natural cooling.

#3. Slip Dress and Blazer


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If skin-tight suits don’t tickle your fancy, an ordinary slip dress with a blazer is a great alternative.

It’s a suave, elegant look that’s well-suited for all kinds of outings and provides a practical solution to an unpredictable climate. The blazer can be buttoned up to help break the wind if the temperature ever drops to 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

#4. Blazer Dress


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If you’re going for an ultra-sophisticated look, opt for a woolen blazer dress with a loose top. It’s a dress that can fashionably withstand volatile weather. Combine it with accessories like high heels, sunglasses, and a designer bag and you have a look that’s camera-ready.

There are many varieties of blazer dresses to choose from. Some are formal, some have tuxedos, some are elongated, some keep the legs exposed, and some are made for parties. If you want to accentuate your waistline, you can also throw on a belt.

#5. The Trench Look


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The trench look never stops being classy and can be worn into the winter too. It’s modern, elegant, and offers a timeless aesthetic. All you need to do to pull off the trench coat look is pair it with some high-waisted denim or suede trousers and high heels. Under the trench coat, you could wear a simple T-shirt, or if it’s cold, a sweater.

Trench coats have another benefit; they protect you from the rain and snow. They also come with lots of pockets to keep your belongings close and safe. The only problem with trench coats is that they’re only suited for cold temperatures. If the weather ever goes above 60, you may start to get a bit sweaty under the coat.

#6. Monochromatic Neutrals


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Monochromatic neutrals are a style that never grows old. It means wearing clothes of the same color but slightly varying hues. Examples of excellent monochromatic combinations include beige, cream, and khaki, or sky blue, azure blue, and navy blue.

Monochromatic neutrals have frequently been featured by fashionistas and models. It’s simple but chic and gets you from point A to point B comfortably in 60 Degree weather. Just remember to add a windbreaker and some matching shoes.

#7. Pinstripe Suit


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If you’re keen on standing out this fall, then pinstripe suits are the statement you might be looking for. It’s classy, appropriate for both formal and informal events, and helps you ease into cool weather with comfort. Pinstripe suits stand at the peak of style in many countries. You can wear them to meet a friend at a coffee shop or attend an upscale fundraising event.

Pinstripe suits suggest a confident style while being on the minimalistic side in terms of design. There are a couple of options to choose from, some loose-fitting and some tight. It’s recommended that you pick the material and fit depending on your specific climate. For instance, if it’s sunny, a loose-fitting cotton pinstripe suit with a mid-waist belt would be the most comfortable option.

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