why is she ignoring me if she likes me

Why Is She Ignoring Me If She Likes Me? 8 Answers

No one can argue that women can be difficult to figure out, especially when it comes to their relationships with men. If you’re a man and you know a woman likes you yet she is always ignoring you, this can be confusing.

After all, what is this – high school? Yet men and women both can feel like giddy teenagers when they’re trying to attract someone, so if you need some help with the question, why is she ignoring me if she likes me, you’ve come to the right place.


Deciphering women’s behaviors isn’t always simple, especially because they are complex creatures by nature. Still, once you know what you’re looking for, it is much easier to determine why they’re acting the way they do, especially if they’re acting like they don’t like you but they actually do. Why do they do this? Some of the reasons are listed below.

1. She Is Overthinking Things

Okay, here is where women tend to outdo men – in the overthinking department! When a woman likes you, it is very common for her to play out all of the possible outcomes in her mind before she acts on her impulses. What if I’m wearing too much makeup for him? What type of girl does he like? Am I too obvious or pushy?

All of these things will play into what she will do next, but she may first want to consider all of the possible outcomes before she decides what action to eventually take.

2. Wrong Information From a Mutual Friend

Sometimes, women act like they don’t like you because a mutual friend told her something about you that she didn’t like. The information she received from this friend may or may not be accurate, but she’s going on what she was told and nothing else. This makes the situation difficult because you won’t know what your friend told her.

Still, the more you get to know her, the more likely she’ll see that she doesn’t have to distrust you, so even if you know for a fact that she received incorrect information, you can keep moving forward with the relationship.

3. She Took Offense at Something

Even if a girl likes you, she may be ignoring you because she was offended at something you said or did. The better you know her, of course, the more likely it will be to correct the situation, but until then you may not even know what she was offended by.

If something you did or said hacked her off, just give her a little time until it blows over, which it likely will if she likes you a lot in the first place. A little time is all it is likely to take!

4. Maybe Life Is in the Way

If you know she likes you but she is also ignoring you, she could either be busy with something or she has some type of personal issue getting in the way for now. Many times, people have to take a break from their regular routine due to personal problems or something that’s keeping them super busy at the moment, and this could very well be the case with her.

Giving her some time to take care of these things is the smartest thing you can do because let’s face it, being patient takes care of a lot of problems.


5. She Is Playing Hard to Get

The trick of playing hard to get is as old as time, but it often works in the end. A girl may simply not want to appear overanxious when she’s ignoring you. Or she may want you to make the first move because that’s the way she feels about relationships. Although playing hard to get can backfire, it is also a great way for women to show men that they don’t just jump into any relationship that easily, while still giving you enough time to make the first move.

6. She Thinks You’re Too Shy

Although there’s nothing wrong with being shy, a woman who likes you might see it as some type of weakness on your part. As a general rule, women like self-confident, independent men who know how to make decisions without becoming flustered.

A shy man doesn’t fit into this category, but you can show her you’re different by overcoming that shyness and approaching her with confidence. Shyness never killed anyone, but it can make growing a relationship a lot more difficult to do.

7. You’re Too Pushy

Even if a woman likes you, she can shut down if you end up being too pushy with her. Letting her know you like her is alright, especially if you already know that she likes you in return, but coming on too strong at the very beginning of a relationship can prove to be disastrous for both parties. Being too quiet around you and ignoring you altogether might just be signs that you’re pushing this relationship too aggressively and that you need to slow down a bit.

8. She Wants You to Notice Her a Little More

If a woman is ignoring you but likes you, she could be biding her time until you notice her a little more. Maybe she wants you to notice her new hairdo or her new outfit, but whatever it is, she wants you to notice … period. To her, this could take a while, so she wants to give you plenty of time to do what she wants you to do – notice her – so that she’ll know the time is right to explore the relationship further.

Usually, she’ll let you know when that timeframe is over as soon as she’s ready to stop ignoring you.


So, why is she ignoring me if she likes me? That is the question, and now that you have a few clues as to why women do this, you can more easily determine just how much they like you and what you should do next if you’re interested in pursuing the relationship.

It isn’t that difficult if you know where to start, and it can help you determine what the next step should be.

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