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5 Reasons Why Life Is So Hard And How You Can Make It Better

There’s no such thing as life on easy mode because that’s just how life is. Now, that may sound like a bold statement. But when you get down to the full gamut of human experiences and all the complexities involved, life is just plain difficult.

But, why is life so hard? It’s the question that’s been on everyone’s mind since the dawn of time. Kings, soldiers, artists, scholars, traders, scientists, or mystics, nobody can say they’ve had it easy. Here are some of the universal reasons for life’s adversity.

Why Is Life So Hard?


  • You Have Failed At Something

Here’s some food for thought. If everyone decided to judge themselves based on the number of times they have lost or failed at something, wouldn’t that make everyone a loser? Stop for a second and think about who would have the most losses. Probably the greatest achievers in society, because learning from a thousand failures makes you more experienced and therefore better at something.

Every failure brings you one step closer to victory. Don’t make an unnecessary enemy out of life for your failures. Try to see the bigger picture and have a long-term vision for the way you want your story to unfold.

  • Relationships Have Gone Wrong

Sour relationships, especially when there’s emotional dependency, can hurt a person. Human beings are social animals, and we often need relationships for our emotional fulfillment. To some, relationships can be enriching, and to others, they can be a source of fear and desperation.

In either case, unless you approach your relationships with the acceptance of all the risks that come with vulnerability, your relationships will tend to go wrong.

Life teaches you all kinds of lessons through both breakups and relationships. And sometimes, it takes loneliness to build character, to better prepare you for the next connection.

  • You Have A Physical Disability Or A Rare Disease

Having a disability or condition that puts you at a possible disadvantage compared to the rest of society can be a debilitating experience. Some disabilities you can easily overcome, but some can feel crippling and can take what feels like a lifetime to overcome.

Every day, there are thousands of babies born with physical or mental disorders that can inhibit the level of performance necessary for everyday tasks. And some individuals are affected much later in life, causing them to learn a whole new skill just to cope.

Now, it’s easy to say that we should accept our circumstances and strive to fight against the odds. But, it’s true — acceptance is often the first, most crucial step toward improvement.

  • You Are Comparing Yourself To Someone Else

Not everything needs to be a competition. People compare themselves to each other for all kinds of things from appearance and social background to possessions and ability. Every individual on this planet has been blessed with their own set of strengths and weaknesses. If you make being the best at everything your purpose in life, you’re going to have many losses, and life will feel hard.

Where you get your sense of self-worth and purpose from is the most important variable in determining maturity. If you choose to value health, family, friends, art, and passion instead of inconsequential things like fame, social position, luxury, or prestige, you may have a different outlook on life. Being the hero or in the spotlight is often not what it’s all chalked up to be.

Focus on being the best person you can be and always try to push your limits. Comparing yourself to others only leads to misery, and sometimes a loss of passion for the thing you’re competing for.

  • You Lack Freedom

Complete freedom and autonomy is every individual’s most arduous and yet most sacred pursuit. Slavery can take lots of forms. It’s a concept, not a contract. There’s literal slavery, which is where someone has complete authority over your mind and body, and it is undeniably the worst kind.

But in the context of this topic, freedom means being able to live a life of fulfillment without being answerable to anyone. There are lots of people and institutions that seek to undermine freedom for their own gain. They could be your parents, your boss, and the government in many countries.

One of the hardest challenges of life is working your way to being free. Free from tyranny, debt, charges, parental authority, corporate life, and many other obligations. But to achieve freedom, you will need to learn how to become self-reliant.

How To Keep Going And Live A Better Life

Better Life

Here are some tips on what you can do to experience a better quality of life.

#1. Take Good Care Of Your Body

Your body is your temple. Taking good care of your body is the key to feeling great all the time. Exercise regularly, eat a balanced diet and add supplements if needed, get lots of rest, and avoid unhealthy substances like alcohol, tobacco, and sugar. The reward is worth more than the sacrifice.

#2. Be Open To Changing Your Perspective

A lot of negativity towards life stems from having a poorly informed or poorly formulated perspective towards it. For instance, you might look at a lion mauling an antelope and think, wow, that’s a ruthless lion. But if you look too closely, too quickly, you’ll miss the bigger picture. You will miss the fact that the lion eventually dies and becomes fodder for the grass that antelopes eat.

#3. Strive To Make Genuine Connections With People

Putting up a false front to make people like you only sets you up for failure in the long run. Trying to get everyone to like you will deprive you of experiencing what it’s like to have a real connection.

If you only focus on superficial qualities when it comes to picking who you want to surround yourself with, you will attract people who like these false qualities you’re portraying, and won’t be loved for who you are fundamentally.

Show people who you really are and make a conscientious effort to get to know the deepest parts of them, especially in your romantic relationships.

#4. Accept Your Shortcomings

There will never be another Mozart or another Einstein, and that’s great. Isn’t it wonderful to live in a world with so many people to look up to? Instead of being intimidated by the genius of others, accept your shortcomings and be inspired by their genius instead.

#5. Discover Your Passion In Life

Find out what you’ve been put on this world to do. You need to have some passion in life to experience it fully. It could be boxing, music, reading, adventure trailing, or even cooking. Your mind and body are full of amazing tricks and secrets waiting to be discovered. Find something that excites you and apply yourself fully.

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