3rd-year anniversary gift ideas for your wife

Show Your Love: 20 3rd-Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Wife

Finding the perfect present for someone as important as your wife requires plenty of planning and patience on your part. First, you will need to consider whether you should choose something just for her or something that you can both use.

So, if you need help finding some great 3rd-year anniversary gift ideas for your wife, you’ve come to the right place!

Thoughtful 3rd-Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Wife

If you plan on sticking to tradition, then the 3rd-year anniversary gift should be made of leather. But why leather?

Ultimately, leather represents durability and flexibility. So the idea is that you’ve made it through three years of both good and bad times thanks to the strength of your bond, and willingness to forgive and grow together. All in all, leather is a symbol of your love and devotion to one another.

3rd-Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Wife: Personal Items

1. Leather Wallet


There’s just something so chic about owning a leather wallet! Give your wife an upgrade by switching out her old wallet for a boujie leather one. But if you want to take it a step further, you can combine this gift with the next one.

2. Leather Purse


Regardless of how many purses, bags, or totes your wife may own, the thing about these everyday items is that you can never have enough of them! If you want the missus to be happy, you definitely won’t go wrong with a leather purse!

3. Leather Jewellery Case


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If you’re looking for some unique 3rd-year anniversary gift ideas for your wife, you’ll love this leather jewelry case!

Your wife likely has a jewelry box, however, it’s quite easy for necklaces and rings to get tangled. So, if your wife has a few items she especially enjoys wearing, she can store them in this gorgeous leather case to keep them separated.

4. Leather Strap Watch


Everyone knows that anniversaries are all about commemorating the passing of time. That’s why buying your wife a leather strap watch is a classic yet brilliant idea.

Just make sure to choose a color and pattern to match her style. And if you really want to surprise her, make sure to get the watch engraved.

5. Leather Bracelet


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If your wife isn’t a fan of watches, then perhaps you’re better off gifting her a stunning leather bracelet. Depending on her style you can opt for a bracelet with charms or one with an engraving plate.

6. Leather Boots


For those of you looking for a foolproof gift idea, giving your wife a pair of high-end leather boots is the perfect solution. After all, a woman can never have enough shoes!

But, it goes without saying that you will need to do a bit of research before making your purchase, as women tend to be particular about what they wear. Make sure you look for a style you know she’ll wear.

For example, if you’ve only seen her wear ankle boots, then it’s safe to assume that she’d love it if you bought her a pair of those rather than knee-high’s or cowboy boots.

7. Leather Journal


Journals can be used for anything from writing about daily activities to scheduling business meetings. So, regardless of your wife’s career path, there’s no doubt that buying her a leather journal will put a smile on her face.

3rd-Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Wife: Household Items

8. Leather Coasters


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Coasters are a household item that everyone needs. But why settle for some boring, plastic ones when you can purchase a chic leather coaster set?

And if your wife is someone who enjoys throwing cocktail parties with plenty of guests, she’ll be thrilled to show off these stunning coasters!

9. Leather Photo Album


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If your wife likes to receive well-thought-out gifts, then it’s time to put your DIY skills to the test. But, don’t worry, this isn’t a project that will require hot glue or mod podge. All you need to do is gather some of your favorite photos of the two of you, and place them in a leather photo album!

10. Leather Picture Frame


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If you like the previous idea, but would rather showcase one special photo, then purchasing a leather picture frame is a spectacular idea! You could add a picture of the two of you on your wedding day, or a picture from the day you first met.

11. Leather Catchall Tray


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A catchall tray is a perfect addition to any entryway. If you and your wife have several small items (such as keys, rings, cards, etc) that you keep misplacing around the house, a catchall will help you keep your home organized. And if your wife is a stickler for organization, then you should definitely buy her a personalized leather catchall tray!

3rd-Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Wife: Miscellaneous

12. Engraved Leather Rose


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Sometimes it’s best to choose a romantic gift, especially if your wife appreciates your sentimental side. Instead of buying her flowers that will inevitably wilt, get her a beautiful handmade leather rose with the date of your anniversary engraved on one of the petals.

After all, flowers are a universal gift, so a leather rose is something she can cherish forever.

13. Leather Belt


A leather belt may not seem like a personal gift, but imagine getting her one with a hidden message? Consider adding something that will make your wife think about you every time she puts it on. You can add a verse from her favorite poem, or keep it simple and write I will love you ‘till the end of time.

14. Leather Bookmark


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If your wife is a real bookworm, then she likely has a few bookmarks laying around the house. But, does she have a leather bookmark?

This may seem like a simple gift, however, if you go the extra mile and add a special quote to the bookmark, she’ll be over the moon! Also, don’t forget to take the time to put the bookmark inside a beautiful leather box to make it look extra fancy!

15. Leather Luggage Tag


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People who love to travel always have special luggage tags, so if your wife is one of those people, you know what to do! Getting her a leather luggage tag will definitely improve her travel experience. And if you want to add to this gift, take a look at this next idea!

16. Leather Passport Holder


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A passport holder is yet another essential item for the avid traveler! Get your wife a gorgeous leather passport holder to go with her luggage tag so she can always feel like she’s flying first class!

17. Leather Camera Bag


Does your wife love to take pictures? Then buy her a stunning leather camera bag. And if she’s really into photography, then chances are she’ll love the camera bag even more than a leather purse!

18. Leather Keychain


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Everyone loses their car keys or house keys from time to time. However, if you decide to get your wife a beautiful leather keychain, there’s no way she’ll let her keys out of her sight for even a second!

19. Leather Case for Glasses


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Regardless of whether your wife wears prescription reading glasses, or she has an extensive collection of designer sunglasses, you won’t go wrong by buying her a gorgeous leather glasses case.

20. Leather Makeup Bag


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All women need makeup bags, whether they only use them while they’re traveling, or as an everyday addition to their purse. That’s why getting her a leather makeup bag is one of the best 3rd-year anniversary gift ideas for your wife!

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