Kinfolk evolved from a desire to create products and experiences that could be imagined, but couldn’t be found. Combining experience from a variety of disciplines, the Kinfolk set out to source the highest quality designers, builders and techniques to develop lasting products and unique experiences.

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Bleu de Paname FW 15 Editorial


N Hoolywood Editorial FW 15

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Journal: New Menu at Kinfolk 90

Mixed Grain Bowl - quinoa/brown rice marinated spinach, pickled veg, avocado & sprouts topped with a soft boiled egg.

If you haven’t stopped by Kinfolk 90 lately for lunch, you’re in for a real treat! We have a new menu of hearty and satisfying lunch options.

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Kinfolk x Brown's Beach

For winter 2014, Kinfolk is proud to announce the the Kinfolk x Brown’s Beach MA-1. Brown’s Beach jacket company and it’s original fabric was established in the beginning of the 20th century in Worcester, Massachusetts before recently finding a new home and Renaissance out of Tokyo, Japan