Dating a Japanese Woman in America

Dating a Japanese Woman in America: The Ultimate Guide

Japanese women are, in many aspects, underrated as marriage prospects. Not only are these women incredibly cute and feminine, but they also follow a certain code that puts men first. As a guy, you’ll never feel neglected in their presence, and the same can be said for your offspring.

The easiest way to meet these precious jewels is by using one of the numerous online services that pair up American men with Oriental girls. In the end, you don’t want to do or say something offensive when you go out with your date.

Of course, you can also find your spouse the old-fashioned way, by visiting numerous places where these girls gather around. In the following section, we’ll talk about the best spots in the US for finding ladies from Japan. After that, we’ll share some tricks that will increase your chance of success.

4 Places for Meeting Japanese Women

Most Americans don’t even realize how many Japanese women live permanently in the US. On top of that, we also need to account for all the workers and students who came to the country for a prolonged time. This is rather good news for those looking to hook up, as you can pick and choose between numerous hotties.

Besides the online approach, there are lots of open communities and other venues that prioritize Japanese audiences. Based on our experience, here are the four best spots to find your Japanese spouse.

1. Japanese restaurants

Given America’s diversity, you can encounter all sorts of guys and girls in sushi and other Japanese restaurants. Nevertheless, you can rest assured that a good portion of the guests will be of Oriental descent. Of course, you can also expect that most of the chefs and waitresses will also be from Japan.

The good thing about these venues is that they’re not too loud giving you ample opportunity to hit on girls. In most cases, it would be enough to send them a drink to catch their attention. Then again, you might also approach your lady’s table outright.

2. Online dating

As someone who lives in the US, you probably have enough experience with online dating and platforms such as Tinder and Hinge. They are perfect for men living in smaller towns and villages as it would help them pinpoint Japanese ladies through the use of specialized filters.

We also suggest you visit some of the specialized sites like BridesUniverse for Japanese mail order wives. They connect you with ladies looking for marriage (most of them are from Japan, bear in mind) so this is a good option if you’re serious.

3. Japanese communities

Many US cities, such as LA, Washington, and New York, have large Japanese communities. They throw occasional shindigs and cultural events that are usually open to the general public. So, by simply asking around or browsing Google, you can find yourself surrounded by Japanese hotties, one of whom might become your girlfriend.

4. Language groups

Joining language groups or acting as a teacher is a fantastic way to pick up chicks “straight off the boat.” Unlike Japanese communities, where you have to be present physically, many of these classes are held online. Through language groups, you can slowly create a bond with one of these girls without being too aggressive.

Tricks for Dating Japanese Brides

Japan is, in every sense of the word, a very unique culture. Although your date will go smoothly with girls born in the States, you’ll likely experience a few bumps in the road with natives. Among other things, these are the biggest challenges you’ll have to overcome:

  • Japanese are extremely polite people. They will often say yes just to avoid offending other people. Similarly, they will remain silent when they need to confirm something as they don’t want to come off as assertive. Although you won’t figure out these nonverbal cues on the first go, you should at least be aware of them
  • English is very hard for Japanese people and, besides a handful of youngsters, most people don’t even know the basics. Because of that, you need to be as open and as direct as possible. The need for transparency is vital if we also consider everything mentioned in the previous paragraph
  • Unlike Western girls, Japanese are usually reserved when it comes to sex. Even if a lady likes you, she might put off your first time for a while. However, once a Japanese woman decides you’re the right one, she will always do her best to satisfy your sexual needs, even if you’re a needy guy
  • Don’t expect any initiative. During the first stages of dating, Japanese girls won’t call you, and they won’t suggest meetings. Many guys misinterpret this as a lack of interest, but it doesn’t have to be so. As long as the girl responds and goes out, you can rest assured she likes you
  • Gentleman-like behavior is held in high regard among Japanese women. In this country, men always come first; they don’t open doors or make similar gestures that ladies like. Because of that, behaving like a classy Western gentleman will score you a lot of points with your date
  • Shoes are a good tell of how she feels about you. Like any other woman in any other culture, the Japanese will always dress fancy for guys they want to impress. So, if you set up a dinner date, pay attention to whether she’s wearing high heels or not
  • Don’t tell her that you’re looking for a serious relationship, as this is often misinterpreted among cute Oriental shortcakes


Finding a Japanese bride can be a rocky road. The differences between American and Japanese cultures are so vast that you can expect miscommunication at every step. The good news is that, by following the tricks presented in this guide, you can reduce the chance of that.

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