Bundling Services With Your Electricity Provider

The Benefits of Bundling Services With Your Electricity Provider

Bundling could be worth it if you juggle multiple payments and providers for your electricity, phone, broadband, or gas. Bundled plans usually involve discounted prices, and having just one bill makes managing your utilities easier.

It’s important to understand your contract terms, especially any credit checks that may be involved. You can contact your supplier to negotiate rates and terms if you’re concerned about any fees.


Bundling your services with a single provider offers many benefits, including convenience. It eliminates the need to manage multiple bills and providers, which can be a hassle and lead to lost payments that result in late fees. It also allows you to track your usage and payments through one simple app, making it easier to stay on top of your energy and data plan.

In addition, you can secure a discounted rate when you bundle your utilities together. This discount can save you money over time as you don’t have to pay separately for your data and voice services.

In some cases, however, you might be unable to save on your bill by bundling services. For example, some providers will require you to sign a contract to receive promotional pricing on their broadband and power plans.

If this is the case, it’s important to read the fine print to make sure you know of any early termination fees or other terms that might apply before signing up for a bundled service. Opting for a standalone power or internet plan may be better than a bundled deal.

Save Money

While some consumers may view product bundles as trying to trick them into paying more than they should, bundling services can save you money on your bills. The discounts with bundled plans can add up to hundreds of dollars per year. These savings are a win for both providers and customers.

An electricity provider in Plano, TX may offer discounts on their electricity plans when bundled with other services such as broadband or TV. Taking advantage of these discounts can significantly cut down your energy costs.

However, before you jump into a bundled plan, it is important to compare the prices of your utilities. It is also wise to consider further ways to reduce your energy consumption, such as using fans and opening windows during cooler times to avoid running the air conditioning.

In addition to discounts on electricity plans, you can also take advantage of other promotions and special offers when you bundle your utility services. There is a free mobile plan when you sign up for energy, broadband, and TV bundles. You can even build your bundle with their plan builder and get an extra three months for free on their 40GB Endless data plan.

In states with limited competition, bundling your utilities can make much sense for consumers and providers. However, for those in markets with more competitive electricity rates, it’s still worth shopping around and comparing pricing to find the best deal.

Save Time

Having a single bill to pay and one customer service point makes it easier to track all your payments. This can help prevent racking up late fees and damage your credit rating, making you less likely to forget payments.

Additionally, many energy providers offer a variety of plans for different needs and usage patterns. This means you can easily find a plan that suits your energy requirements and lifestyle, making it easy to save on electricity with bundled services.

Some providers even go so far as to offer perks and rewards for customers who choose to bundle their services. This can include anything from gift cards and electronic gadgets to discounts on future services. It’s worth comparing the different options and choosing the one that best suits your needs. Bundling services can also help you reduce your environmental impact.

Better Customer Service

Bundling your bills can reduce the number of companies you must deal with regularly. This can be a significant benefit, particularly if you ever need to contact a company for an issue or question. Having one point of contact rather than juggling multiple phone numbers and email addresses can be much more convenient.

Lastly, many energy providers will offer additional benefits or perks for signing up for a bundle. These can include things like gift cards or discounts, which can be very useful. The best way to find out what you can get with your specific provider is by researching and comparing available options.

Bill bundling is a great option for consumers, but it’s also an effective strategy for utility providers and other service companies looking to drive efficiencies in billing processes. This is especially true when paired with technology integrations, which can help automate invoice/meter retrieval and cash posting processes.

In Texas, for example, electricity customers who purchase their electric generation and delivery services from the same company receive a bundled rate plan. However, those who choose to purchase their electric generation from a regulated provider and receive their electric delivery services from a competitive supplier typically have an unbundled rate plan.

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