Casual Lesbian Dating

Ins and Outs of Casual Lesbian Dating

In the era of casual dating when most people are running away from committed relationships lesbians aren’t left behind. Millions of girls want to have fun. And when girls want something, they get it.

Yet, not every gay girl is an extrovert, a master of flirting, and the eternal source of confidence. Such girls can’t just approach hot chicks at bars because they sometimes fear rejection, the same as everyone.

In the modern world, it’s almost possible to avoid that rejection. Yes, ghosting hurts, but not nearly like getting laughed at in person after approaching a group of friends in a bar.

So the first step in mastering the modern lesbian hookup game is…

Navigating Online Dating Platforms

There are so many lesbian dating sites that it can feel overwhelming to start researching them. To help with that, we’ll mention the clear split between 2 types of dating platforms: serious and casual.

As for those who want to find partners for long-term relationships and watch Netflix under the blanket while it’s cold outside: they should join sites focused on love and connections. But girls who only think about how to get casual dates could only waste time on such platforms. Those ladies would have more success on sites for lesbian hookups near me because these platforms have been made specifically for local lesbian flings. So the chances of meeting a girl ready to meet the same day are much higher than on sites for love-seeking.

Still, picking the right site is just the beginning. The art of seduction comes next.

Crafting Engaging Conversations

Seduction is nothing more than aimed communication. And on dating apps, it’s much easier to aim accurately. Most dating platforms let their members share basic info about them, write a description, and upload photos.

Looking at a girl’s photos and interests helps craft the perfect icebreaker to cut through the noise. Aim for something personal. Always. Today it is even possible to use AI assistants for help when you lack inspiration on this part.

When you get replies, balance being seductive and friendly. If you don’t show some intimate interest, the girl on the other side will think you’re seeking friendship. And that gets ladies ghosted on lesbian hookup sites. Showing your intentions is vital. So try to squeeze some indirect compliments into your messages. That won’t make you look desperate, but it will show that you are here not for never-ending chatting but for actions.

Arranging Safe Meetings

The only downside of digital dating for lesbians is safety. Don’t get us wrong. Legit sites are 100% safe. But there are people with bad intentions on legitimate sites, too. That’s why hookups on the first date aren’t something we recommend anyone to do.

If the other person is so hot that they have no choice, that hookup should happen in a hotel. Both sides should give IDs during the check-in just in case something happens.

Still, we recommend meeting in a bar or some other public place for the first time. Not only does that give you the freedom to go away if you feel awkward, but it’s probably simpler to relax in a bar than on a couch with someone you see for the first time.

Also, don’t forget to use a free insurance trick. Whenever you go to meet someone new, tell your friends the exact place where you’re going and with whom. Of course, you probably won’t need your friends to save you from a date, but better safe than sorry.

Understanding and Expressing Your Desires

As we mentioned, communication is the key to seduction. But you can’t communicate about something you don’t understand. And that’s why so many lesbian girls can’t get what they want. Some girls think they want to date the most beautiful girls on Instagram. Yet even if they somehow get their attention, they might get reminded why “don’t meet your heroes” is usually the truth.

Also, don’t give up on your desires only to boost your chances of getting a hookup nearby. That might get you more action, but it won’t be the action you deeply desire. That might make you feel empty after a while. But if you express your desires clearly and set firm boundaries, you can master lesbian hookups.

After the Hookup

The awkward silence after the hookup is something most guides never mention. They show how to get laid but don’t say anything about life after the hookup. The most important thing there is honest communication. Some girls stay friends. Some never hear from each other. Both are fine.

Also, ask for feedback to become better with every hookup. And don’t neglect health checkups.

Implementing tips from this article will help you get more lesbian hookups in less time with fewer rejections. Good luck.

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