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17 Kick-Ass Characters With Purple Hair: Complete Roundup

Generally speaking, people often associate the color purple with mystery and hidden powers. Thus, characters with purple hair are often powerful individuals who stand out from the crowd with much more than just their hair color.

From Gamora to Roxy, here are the most famous kick-ass characters with purple hair in comics, cartoons, TV shows, and movies.

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17 Characters With Purple Hair: The Complete List

1. Violet Song Jat Shariff (Ultraviolet)


Image source: Pinterest

Violet Song Jat Shariff is the main character of the 2006 movie titled Ultraviolet. She is a human who gets infected by a fictional disease called hemoglophagia. This disease gives her vampire-like powers, from super strength and speed to the ability to infect others and create more Hemophages.

In the movie, the heroine must learn how to live with her disease and control it while fighting to find the cure at the same time. Doing so in a dystopian society that wants to kill her is the most difficult task she has ever faced. When the opportunity to overthrow the government also presents itself, Violet must decide what’s more important: one life or the entire human race.

Violet is famous for her dark hair, which she has at the beginning of the movie. However, she later dyes her hair purple, which makes her look truly otherworldly and dangerous. Only when her hair changes does she truly become the hero that the world needs her to be.

Violet is rather skilled with a katana, which is her weapon of choice for most of the movie. However, she also uses a multitude of firearms and a gravity regulator to fight her enemies.

Though the film wasn’t as successful as its makers had hoped it would be, it still established Violet as an iconic character. The subsequent book and anime that came out about her only solidified her status as one of the most beloved characters with purple hair ever.

2. Turanga Leela (Futurama)


Image source: Pinterest

Turanga Leela is one of the main characters in the animated sci-fi sitcom titled Futurama. It is set in the 31st century and follows the misadventures of an interplanetary delivery crew. Captain Turanga Leela is their leader.

Leela has blazing purple hair that she always keeps in a ponytail perching high on the top of her head. She has one eye and is always dressed in a white tank top and black stretch pants.

Turanga is infamous for her no-nonsense attitude, and she leads her ship with an iron fist. She can be rather impulsive at times and will sacrifice or jeopardize the lives of her crewmates for her own gain and agenda. However, she usually does it to save someone or learn more about her hazy and almost completely unknown past.

This powerful woman is passionate and intelligent, and she is a born leader. She was the first woman that was allowed to play the fictional game of Blernsball, although she was quite awful at it due to her poor depth perception. Leela is highly skilled at martial arts, which is how she fights most of her enemies or anyone who tries to mess with her crew.

3. Randy Cunningham (Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja)


Image source: Pinterest

Randy is the main and titular character of the show Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja. He is a 9th grader who has to survive school and pass his classes while being a secret ninja and protecting his town from the forces of evil trying to invade it. Throughout it all, he has to keep his double life a secret and act as any ordinary boy would.

With naturally purple hair, Randy is lanky at the beginning of the show but slowly grows and becomes more muscular as his escapades as a ninja continue. At first, he is excited to become a ninja, as he only sees the cool aspects of it. However, he later on realizes the dangers of his tasks and accepts that it is a huge responsibility to bear, especially at his age.

He has a wide range of ninja weapons at his disposal, from swords and smoke bombs to chain sickles. However, he is most well-known for using his environment and whatever it provides him with to gain the upper hand in fights. That allows him to be successful regardless of the weapons that he has at hand, which helps him win every time.

When he’s not saving the world from evil, he is just a regular high school kid. He wants to become a part of the cool crew, his attention span is short, and he struggles to keep up with homework and maintain good grades. That is what makes him so relatable to kids all around the world.

4. Mal (Descendants)


Image source: Pinterest

Mal is the only daughter of Maleficent and Hades in Disney’s Descendants franchise. She is sneaky, intelligent, and highly skilled at drawing. In the first film, she is working under her mom’s influence and wants to use her powers for evil. However, she slowly realizes the error of her ways and wants to do good.

As far as fairytales go, female characters are often seen as either purely good or purely evil. In that regard, Mal is an exception, as she is multifaceted and capable of both great compassion and terrible deeds. She teaches young viewers that everyone has both sides inside of them, and that their character depends on which side they choose to embrace and listen to.

By the end of the franchise, Mal becomes the queen of the island where all the fairytale characters you know and love live. She rules alongside Ben, the son of Belle and the Beast.

Apart from her extensive knowledge of spells, Mal is famous for her purple hair that makes her stand out in any crowd. It reaches her shoulders in waves, and the dark purple base is streaked with light purple highlights. Her hair has become a source of inspiration for many, especially when it comes to Halloween costumes. Check instraight.com If you want to have a similar hairstyle.

5. Hit-Girl (Kick-Ass)


Image source: Pinterest

Hit-Girl is a fictional superhero from Marvel’s KIck-Ass comic series. Her father trained her to become an assassin from a young age, and she is highly skilled at hand-to-hand combat. She also uses a wide range of weapons that help her defeat all her enemies, no matter what their choice of weapon is.

Her father is the infamous NYPD police officer Damon Macready who was accused of dealing drugs and subsequently imprisoned, just a few months before his daughter was born.

Once out of prison, he got custody and trained her to become his slide-kick. They fight crime together as masked vigilantes, and their main objective is getting revenge on the crime lord who framed Damon.

As a fighter, Hit-Girl is quite ruthless and has absolutely no remorse for the people she fights. She is a quick thinker and can devise an action plan in mere minutes. As far as skills go, no one in this comic universe can come close to her. Her main recognizable feature, apart from her costume, is her blazing purple hair.

6. Roxy (Winx Club)


Image source: Pinterest

Roxy is the occasional seventh member of the Winx Club. She is the Fairy of Animals and, as such, has animal-based powers. She is able to speak to animals telepathically, summon them, calm them down, ease their pain, and even control them if she needs to.

Roxy is the youngest of the fairies, meaning that her power still needs honing and developing. However, she learns and grows throughout the fourth season of the series, and she becomes quite powerful.

Personality-wise, Roxy is compassionate, quiet, and shy. She is prone to tears, especially if she empathizes with someone to a great extent. However, once a fight starts, she becomes focused and can be quite cunning and smart when it comes to defeating villains.

When it comes to those she cares for, be it humans, fairies, or animals, Roxy is protective and would do anything to save them. She tries to help just about anyone, regardless of whether she truly can. That is what makes her so valuable to the team.

As far as appearance goes, Roxy has waist-length purple hair. She often wears clothes in different shades of green, and the same is true for her fairy form. While many fairies have different hairstyles once they transform, Roxy’s remains the same in all her forms.

7. Rarity (My Little Pony)


Image source: Pinterest

Rarity is one of the main characters in My Little Pony: Pony Life. She is a white unicorn pony, and she has purple and lavender hair that curls at each end. She is a fashion designer and seamstress, and she owns her very own shop in Ponyville.

To most people, Rarity seems rather vain and concerned with her looks only. However, she is quite compassionate and intelligent, and she is good at combat, even if she looks delicate.

Her powers include telekinesis and the ability to make just about anything, from clothes and gems to weapons. She is famous for her ability to “talk tough”, which enables her to scare her enemies, even if she wouldn’t be able to defeat them in actual combat.

8. Vidia (Disney Fairies)


Image source: Pinterest

As one of the main characters in the Disney Fairies franchise, Vidia made her debut in 2008’s Tinker Bell movie. At first, she was an antagonist and Tinker Bell’s biggest rival. However, after having a multitude of adventures together, the two become close and are now friends and allies.

Vidia is a fast-flying fairy, and that is her main power. However, she is also quite cunning and great at making decisions under pressure. In the beginning, she is spiteful and does not want to work together with other fairies. She believes that not all fairies are created equal and that she is far superior to everyone else.

With time, she slowly gets to know the other fairies and realizes that there is much more to them than just their powers. This change happens gradually, and viewers get to witness her character development over a multitude of movies and episodes.

As far as appearance goes, Vidia is slender and has purple hair with streaks of black. She has arched eyebrows that make her seem sarcastic at all times, no matter what she is saying or who she is talking to. All her complexity and her witty humor make her one of the most beloved fairies in the entire franchise.

9. Raven Queen (Ever After High)


Image source: Pinterest

Raven Queen is one of the main characters of the Ever After High franchise, which is one of the spin-offs of Monster High. Instead of monsters, however, the characters in this spin-off are based on classic fairy tales.

In this universe, the children of fairy tale characters go to school in order to take over the roles of their parents. Raven Queen is the daughter of the Evil Queen from Snow White, and that is the role she is destined to take.

However, she is unwilling to do so, and she is the first person to rebel against the customs and want a destiny of her own. She inspires many others to do the same, starting a whole revolution that changes the customs that the entire realm is based on.

Throughout the series, Raven struggles a lot with her unjust bad reputation and tries to show people that she is not evil. She is loyal to those she loves, compassionate and willing to help those in need, and she has rather advanced powers. She is famous for her purple hair that reaches the backs of her legs, and her rebellious fashion sense.

10. Zatanna Zatara (DC’s Super Hero Girls)


Image source: Pinterest

Zatanna, also known as Zee, is one of the main characters in the second generation of DC’s Super Hero Girls franchise. This incarnation of Zatanna Zatara is the only one that has purple hair, as the beloved comic character usually has black hair.

In this universe, Zee is a stage magician in training. Her destiny is to become one of the most powerful magic casters in the world, which is why her training is so important.

Zee is loyal, kind, and intelligent. She loves helping people, and she would do anything to protect her friends and father. However, she does have a bit of a temper, which can cause her magic to flare and be somewhat unpredictable. Her biggest pet peeve is people thinking her magic is fake and just a cheap trick.

Zatanna forms a league of superhero girls, and together, they fight villains and anyone who tries to harm their city and those they love. The powers that Zee contributes to the group are flight, dimensional travel, and the ability to alter reality at will.

11. Morgan le Fay (Marvel Comics)


Image source: Pinterest

You probably recognize this name from the legend of King Arthur, where Morgan le Fay is a powerful enchantress. In Marvel comics, she is a supervillain and the half-fairy sister of King Arthur. Thus, she is only loosely based on the character from Arthurian legends.

Morgan is immortal, and she uses all her spare time to learn and master mystic arts. She tries to take over the world several times, mostly fighting the Avengers to do so. As a former student of Merlin, Morgan possesses extensive knowledge of magic. She is excellent at astral projection and can even take over one’s mind and control them.

In addition, Morgan is a priestess of the Earth goddess Gaea. Morgan can invoke her and channel her powers, which makes her one of the most feared villains in Marvel’s comic universe.

12. Gamora (Guardians of the Galaxy)


Image source: Pinterest

Gamora is an alien born on Zen-Whoberi, a planet invaded by warlord Thanos. He exterminated the majority of her race and adopted Gamora as a daughter. She had to serve him for years, and she used her first chance to betray him and escape.

As a free woman, she became a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. There, she protects all realms from danger and plays a key role in bringing down her adoptive father once and for all.

As an alien, Gamora possesses a plethora of powers that help her combat villains. Thanos only honed those powers further, using bionic and cybernetic enhancements to make Gamora one of the best assassins in the galaxy.

Gamora is excellent at hand-to-hand combat, but she is just as skilled in using any type of weaponry. Thanos himself considered her his most powerful child and asset, which is why he also feared her power. Still, he never thought she’d have the willpower necessary to turn against him, which is what brought about his downfall.

Appearance–wise, Gamora has green skin and long purple hair. Her personality is relatable and friendly, and her humor and sarcasm have made her one of the most beloved Marvel characters.

13. Psylocke (X-Men)


Image source: Pinterest

Elizabeth “Betsy” Braddock, otherwise known as Psylocke, is a class 4 mutant in the X-Men universe. As such, she has telekinetic powers, including generating, projecting, and manipulating all objects. She can also read minds and project purple energy that can cut through metal.

In the beginning of her arc, she works as an enforcer. However, she later joins Apocalypse’s crew in his plan to completely destroy and then remake the universe. In the comics, Psylocke has long purple/violet hair, and her costumes are usually purple, violet, or blue.

14. Raven (Titans)


Image source: Pinterest

Raven is the superhero alias of Rachel Roth, one of the main characters in the show Titans. She has apocalyptic powers that she inherits from her father Trigon, who is a demonic creature banished from earth.

Trigon’s plan is to return and destroy the world. For that, he needs his daughter’s powers and assistance. Throughout the show, Rachel fights to keep him trapped and tries to control the dark powers growing within her.

Since she is a half-demon, half-human, Rachel can create illusions and trick people into seeing what she wants them to see. She can also bring inanimate objects to life and manipulate energy to bend to her will.

In her superhero form, Rachel has purple hair and a dark costume. In her spare time, she tries to be a normal teenager and is the biggest fan of Game of Thrones and Full House.

15. Lucifer (The Devil Is A Part-Timer!)


Image source: Pinterest

Hanzō Urushihara, more widely known as Lucifer, is the main character in the series The Devil Is a Part-Timer! He is a fallen angel, a demon, and one of the Demon Lord’s main generals. He has purple eyes and hair, and he is lean but muscular.

After an epic battle between good and evil, Lucifer and the rest of the Lord Demon’s army suffered a great defeat. Through a portal, they end up in modern-day Japan, where their powers are limited. For example, Lucifer can only use his powers if he feeds on the negative emotions of the humans around him.

When he does so, he gets his black wings back and can fly at great speeds. He can also fire purple projectiles of energy, which helps him in combat. The projectiles can pierce through the toughest of objects or explode upon impact, depending on what Lucifer needs.

16. Pandora (DC Comics)


Image source: Pinterest

Pandora is a fictional character in the DC comic universe. She is based on Pandora from Greek Mythology. Her story is pretty similar to that you know from the myth. She opened Pandora’s box despite being warned not to and was, as a result, cursed for all eternity.

Pandora has magical abilities that include self-sustenance, superhuman strength and durability, as well as teleportation. She is also an excellent archer, can use most weapons perfectly, and is an advanced hand-to-hand combatant.

This magical creature has purple hair and a hood that covers most of her body. She has two other names that other characters call her by: Original Sin and the Mother of Monsters.

17. Trunks (Dragon Ball)


Image source: Pinterest

Trunks is an Earthling-Saiyan hero, known as one of the best sword fighters of all time. As a child, he was quite mischievous and cocky, and he got into trouble any chance he got. His family pampered him quite a bit, which resulted in him becoming a spoiled person.

At the age of eight, he was already the world champion in swordsmanship. That fact only made his ego even more pronounced. Still, despite his flaws, Trunks is fiercely protective of those he loves and would do anything to keep his family safe.

Appearance-wise, he has purple hair and eyes, and he dresses just like all other sword fighters. He does not get along with Goku, as he doesn’t like him and thinks that he doesn’t deserve his respect at all.

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