Church Wedding Outfits

Your Simple Guide to Church Wedding Outfits

Weddings keep changing, with new trends like unique spots and destination weddings. But church weddings have a classic charm that many still love, whether they’re religious or not. Choosing what to wear? Think Sunday service attire but with a bit more fun and festivity.

Got a church wedding invite and not sure what to pick? Here’s a quick guide to help you out.

Check the Invitation for Dress Code

Look at the wedding invite to see what you should wear. For a laid-back church wedding, a sundress or a casual suit works. A long gown or a sharp suit is best for a fancier event. Church weddings usually mean dressing modestly, so choose something suitable and not too showy. Remember, the day is about celebrating the bride and groom, not standing out as a guest.

Keep It Simple and Respectful

When going to a church wedding ceremony, think about choosing an outfit that’s on the modest side. The invitation might not spell it out, but it’s generally expected. Showing too much skin could draw some attention, and not the good kind, from the more traditional folks there.

But this doesn’t mean you can’t wear something you like, such as an off-shoulder dress. Just bring along a shawl or a light sweater. It’s a great way to cover up if you need to quickly, and it helps ensure your look matches a church ceremony’s respectful vibe.

Dress for the Season

Remember to dress for the weather when you attend a church wedding.

In summer, especially in older, possibly non-air-conditioned churches, choose breathable fabrics like linen or cotton. This helps you stay relaxed and comfortable. Opt for a linen suit, a cotton dress shirt, or a light sundress to prevent overheating.

In winter, layering is key to staying warm. Wear thermals under your clothes and pick a warm coat for chilly venues.

The time of year can also guide your colour choices. Light colours are perfect for spring and summer, while darker tones fit autumn and winter better. This can be handy if no specific colour scheme is mentioned for the wedding.

Be Creative with Your Outfit

Adding a touch of creativity to your outfit is easy when you play with colours, fabrics, and textures!

Stick to a maximum of three colours to keep it tasteful. If you love bright colours, use accessories to add a pop of colour. Think of a bold red clutch, sunny yellow shoes, or a swipe of burgundy lipstick to liven up a more straightforward look.

Experiment with different fabrics. Guys, try suede shoes instead of the usual leather for a fresh twist to your suit. Ladies mix a flowy skirt with a sharp, structured blouse for a semi-formal dress code.

Don’t forget about texture. It’s a subtle way to show off your style. Velvet dresses or shoes can add a rich, luxurious feel. For men, a textured suit with a noticeable weave offers a unique take on the classic suit.

Avoid Wearing White

Choosing black over white for a wedding is generally a safer bet. White and shades close to it, like cream, beige, champagne, or very light blue and gray, are traditionally reserved for the bride.

Even if you’ve fallen in love with a white dress, saving it for another occasion is best. Consider pulling out your little black dress instead. Black is often more acceptable at church weddings, especially in contemporary settings. A black outfit is particularly fitting for an evening event.

Skip the Denim

Even at a casual wedding, denim is a no-go. It’s like flip-flops, making any look too laid-back for a wedding setting.

Mixing blue denim with even your fanciest top leaves you looking less dressed up than what’s expected for a casual or dressy dress code. It’s similar to pairing your best-tailored trousers with a T-shirt: it might be an excellent style move, but it’s not quite right for a wedding guest.

If you love denim and feel it’s a must-have, go for dark-wash denim and smarten it up with your choice of top and accessories.

Do KISS: Keep It Simple & Sophisticated

KISS, or Keeping It Simple and Sophisticated, is the best choice for a church wedding or event outfit. It works for all Catholic, casual, evening, or daytime church weddings. Following KISS is a safe and surefire way to look great.

To keep your outfit simple, stick to three colours at most (2 primary colours and one accent colour). For instance, you might wear a patterned dress in two colours, blue and gray, then add an accent with accessories, like a cream clutch or red shoes.

For sophistication, focus on your accessories. Wear bold (but not overly statement-making) jewelry if your dress is plain. The same applies if you’re wearing a monochromatic tailored suit or a classic suit. A thick band watch or a patterned tie can add a bit of class to your look.

Keep It Understated

Staying understated aligns perfectly with the KISS principle. Regardless of the dress code, overdoing your outfit can lead to a fashion faux pas. You don’t want to steal the spotlight from the bride.

So, no tiaras unless you’re the one getting married. Even if it’s your first semi-formal or formal event in a while, resist the urge to dress more formally than what’s asked for. Showing up in a dramatic dress or a too-bold colour might shift attention away from the couple getting married.

Picking the right outfit for a church wedding can be straightforward and stress-free. Just keep in mind these easy tips and the things to avoid. With this guidance, you’ll quickly find the ideal ensemble. You’ll be ready and look fabulous before the wedding day.

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