Common Factor in All Auto Accidents

Driver Distraction: A Common Factor in All Auto Accidents

Gone are the days where a friend riding with a shotgun would look at the map and instruct the driver on what route to take. The advent of the Global Positioning System, or GPS, as we know it, may have completely eliminated the concept of maps. All the information you would see in maps is now squeezed into a 6-inch technological marvel called the smartphone.

Technology, especially the two mentioned above, was designed to make people’s lives easier. And they have done that to a great extent. But for some, especially drivers, it has the opposite reaction.

Some drivers are so engrossed in their gadgets that they forget that they’re operating a vehicle. This usually ends in a disaster, with everyone involved being hurt.

If you’re someone who has sustained injuries due to a distracted driver, you should consult one of the best auto accident attorneys in your area. The assistance of auto accident law firms is second to none when it comes to helping victims of distracted driving.

But what constitutes distracted driving?

Apparently, this seems to be a question that seems to pop up everywhere. We are here to clear that up. This article talks about some common forms of distraction, how they happen, and everything else related to them. Read on.

Driver Distraction

There are different forms of distraction that the average driver may succumb to. This section talks about them. Here are the common forms of distractions that lead to motor vehicle accidents, in no particular order.

Checking the GPS

This comes first, as we have touched on the topic of GPS.

As useful as they are, GPS can also lead to accidents.

Some drivers tend to regularly check the GPS to make sure that the route they’re taking is the correct one. Sometimes, they focus on the map for a bit too long. This can either be to check the name of the street, look for a landmark, or anticipate a turn.

Whatever the reason may be, staying focused on the GPS for too long can lead to motor vehicle accidents. Rideshare drivers are notorious for this, as they regularly have to drive in new or unexplored parts of the city.

Texting or Answering Calls

Smartphones are one of mankind’s greatest inventions. But they also seem to be causing the largest number of problems, particularly in regards to motor vehicle accidents.

A report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that mobile phone usage was responsible for 12% of all fatal crashes in 2021. These numbers show how serious the situation is.

A few reasons why a driver would use their smartphone are listed below.

• Answer calls
• Read/respond to texts
• Check emails
• Check social media

Driving is an activity that requires complete attention. Someone who’s on the phone is distracted in one way or another. This is a recipe for an accident.

Fiddling with Gadgets

Modern vehicles come with tons of gadgets. It’s so easy to lose your concentration trying to operate these gadgets.

The usual suspects of these types of distractions are:

• Radio
• Climate controls
• Opening/closing the sunroof
• Fiddling with the seatbelt
• Moving the seat forward or backward
• Change seat inclination

Even taking your eyes off the road momentarily can cause motor vehicle accidents. Actions like adjusting the sunroof or seat angle require physical effort as well. It is recommended to make these adjustments when the vehicle is parked.

Other Forms of Distractions

In addition to the three mentioned above, there are some additional types of distractions that can lead to accidents as well. These are grouped together as some of them involve additional people.

• Eating/drinking while driving
• Engaged in a conversation with the occupant(s) of the vehicle
• Engaged in an argument with the occupant(s) of the vehicle
• Playing with kids
• Playing with pets
• Grooming
• Applying makeup
• Daydreaming

Final Thoughts

Motor vehicle accidents that happen due to distraction can have devastating results. It is important for victims to seek the services of auto accident lawyers. These skilled legal professionals will do everything in their power to make sure the victims get fair compensation for their losses.

Also, remember this. If you are driving and have to answer a call or respond to a text, park the vehicle and do so. With this action, you’re doing everyone a favor.

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