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Is There a Totally Free Background Check? What You Need to Know

Most companies run background checks as part of their hiring process, and many small businesses and government agencies run them as well. While it’s not a big deal for large corporations and the government to run background checks, what about the little guys? Background checks can cost several hundred dollars, but there are some alternatives if you know where to look. In fact, getting started can even be free!

Is there a totally free background check? Read on to find out.

What Is a Background Check?

To know if you can find the information from a background check for free, it’s important first to understand what a background check is. A background check is a process that involves going through someone’s public records. Information about someone’s driving records, financial history, and criminal history can be presented to an employer before hiring.

You can also run these on yourself before applying to see where you stand. This is a great way to prepare yourself for a job interview if you’re nervous about what will show up. Plus, it could save you money if you know you won’t pass the check anyway.

In short, background checks are a collection of public records.

What Information Comes Up on a Background Check

Information that appears on a background check varies based on the type of background check. Also, the cost of the background check can influence the amount of information as well, especially if you’re using a background check company. That said, most background checks contain the following:

• Full name and identity verification
• Address
• Social media accounts
• Dating profiles
• Criminal records
• Public records
• Sex offender status
• Court records
• Driving records
• Financial records

Ultimately, if it’s a public record, it can appear on a background check. If you want to get a free background or a cheap alternative, you need to find a way to verify this information.

Is There a Totally Free Background Check?

No, there are no 100% free background checks. Either you have to get creative or have access to some top-secret databases. Most background checks are done by companies that charge in bulk for background checks, and there are also background checks done by the government or another organization. In both cases, you’ll have to pay.

That said, you can run cheap background checks with public records search tools you can find online. While not free, these tools offer comprehensive reports about people for much less than a background check from a large background company.

How Much Do Background Checks Cost?

The average background check usually costs anywhere between $250 and $500. There is a wide range in the cost because some background checks are more in-depth and may require more information like driving records, financial records, and drug tests. It’s also important to note that some online tools can run a background check for as little as $5 to 10 dollars. That said, the quality varies, so it’s important to use a reputable tool from a well-known company.

What’s the Most Affordable Way to Run a Background Check?

The most affordable way to run a background check is to use an online people search tool. These tools are easy to use and available whenever you need them, and the best tools have access to millions of public records databases.

When it comes to the best alternative, we always recommend Free People Search. Their background check tool is connected to millions of public records databases and you can have a full report on someone in less than 10 minutes. Additionally, you can sign up for a trial period and run unlimited background checks for only 99 cents for five days.

So, while isn’t free, it’s about as close to free as you can get.

Say Goodbye to Expensive Background Checks

Background checks don’t have to be expensive. If you use the right tools and look for good deals when you’re running background checks, you don’t have to worry about paying several hundred dollars for something you don’t need.

We always recommend using an affordable tool that maintains high levels of quality, like, for the best results. Otherwise, you may end up spinning your wheels and losing value because you have the wrong information.

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