Look for in an Asphalt Supplier

Top Qualities to Look for in an Asphalt Supplier

Asphalt comes in many forms – from the pothole patcher at your local hardware store to the materials needed for new road construction. However, the quality of asphalt depends on how you use it. If you are a contractor who requires large quantities of asphalt for construction projects, an experienced supplier is necessary. Consider the following qualities in an asphalt contractor to ensure you get the best product for your budget.


Asphalt is a very versatile material. It’s used in roadways, driveways, and even roofs. It can also be recycled and reused. Asphalt is less likely to crack and damage than concrete, requiring little maintenance.

Look for asphalt suppliers near me with a good reputation. Please find out how long they’ve been in business and ask for testimonials or references from past clients. It’s also essential to find out whether they are reliable and can provide you with a realistic timeline for your project.

Also, make sure to look at online reviews. While you should always approach online reviews skeptically, that’s a good sign if most reviews are positive. I am looking for a company offering free site inspection, and a quote would be best. This will give you an idea of the quality of their equipment and how much they charge for a job.


Asphalt requires specific knowledge of materials and processes to get the job done correctly. An asphalt contractor with years of experience will likely have mastered these skills and can provide high-quality asphalt mixtures suitable for your project’s requirements.

Asphalt laborers must be familiar with heavy machinery like tampers, rakes, and pavers. They also need to be comfortable operating these machines safely and efficiently to contribute to the quality of work. Your interviewer will ask about your experience working with such equipment to gauge your comfort level.


The quality of the asphalt mix is critical for achieving a paved surface’s desired performance and durability. To ensure that your asphalt mixture meets or exceeds the required specifications, look for a plant with a dryer with the perfect design to facilitate heat transfer and maintain proper moisture levels, a screen with a high surface area and oscillation amplitude, and a mixer that offers good internal wear plates and homogenous mixing capability.

Also, consider the type and quality of a hot box, an insulated container mounted on a trailer or truck used to transport and store asphalt at the right temperature. The best ones offer insulation that minimizes heat loss and have an efficient heating system, such as a propane, diesel, or infrared heater.

The location of the plant is also important. Determine if large asphalt producers in your locale may consume most of the available aggregate supplies, preventing your company from having enough to fulfill its asphalt production needs.


Asphalt is not cheap, so finding a fair-priced contractor that will still allow you to meet your project goals is important. You also want to work with a company with a solid reputation for providing high-quality products and services.

A good paving contractor is an excellent communicator, and they can explain their products and services to potential customers in a way that is easy to understand. They also know how to listen carefully and ask questions to provide the best solution for the customer’s needs.

Evaluate the location of your asphalt plant, including how it will impact the cost of raw materials, fuel, and transportation costs. Look at storage capacity for inbound and outbound materials and space for production facilities, parking areas, and offices.

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