Make Your Rental Feel Like Home

Top 5 Tips to Make Your Rental Feel Like Home

Some people argue that it’s only by owning a property that you can make it feel like home and create a space that is truly yours. But that couldn’t be further from the truth, with countless tenants using a few simple tips and tricks to convert their rental apartments and houses into modern-day sanctuaries. 

In this article, discover 5 ways to transform a rental property into a space you love coming home to. For more inspiration, check out, a user-friendly website that showcases a huge number of private listings in 38 countries around the globe.

No matter where in the world you want to live, there is the option to search via location, number of bedrooms, and price, ensuring tenants can find their dream abode. Once you’ve secured a property, it’s time to get to work making it a “home”.

1. Incorporate freestanding furniture

Unless an apartment or home has built-in furniture, most rentals come as a “blank slate”. One of the easiest ways to make it feel more homely is by adding freestanding furniture that reflects your style and taste. Not only will it serve a functional purpose throughout the tenancy but it can be taken with you at the end of the lease. 

Aside from the obvious furnishings (such as a comfortable sofa, a dining table, and a bed), consider adding side tables, bookshelves, and cupboards. Well-chosen pieces will bring a lot of personality to a rental while also being handy storage solutions. Some Rentola rentals come fully furnished, with the interior design all done for you.

2. Decorate with artwork

While it might not be possible to paint the walls of a rental, you can add character through artwork and decorations. Carefully selected prints, posters, and original paintings can bring so much vibrancy to a space while also making it feel like it is completely unique.

When adding artwork, it’s important not to drill any holes without the landlord’s consent, so look for renter-friendly hooks that are removable and won’t leave any marks. In some rentals, there will already be hooks in place, so try and work with what is available first.

3. Bring nature in

Nothing makes a rental property feel more homely than the addition of indoor plants and flowers, which can also have a positive impact on our mental well-being. While you would have to have at least 10 plants per square meter to remove the same amount of pollutants as in a well-ventilated and aired-out space, research shows that indoor plants can help boost mood and productivity. 

For those who don’t like the responsibility of keeping houseplants alive, consider adding dried flower arrangements. Picking up a bouquet of fresh flowers every couple of weeks is another simple and affordable way of bringing nature into a rental and making it feel a little bit more inviting. 

4. Get creative with lighting

One of the simplest ways to make a rental feel cozy and inviting is by adding atmospheric lighting. While bright, white lights are designed to be stimulating, the opposite effect can be achieved with warm, yellow lights, which are much more relaxing. 

Depending on the space that is available, think about scattering ornate table lamps around the apartment or placing a large floor lamp at the end of the sofa. If you’re not sure how to go about it, there’s plenty of inspiration online at Rentola from interior design-savvy owners. If there’s a balcony or outdoor space, think about adding some string lights to make it more inviting after dark.  

5. Create a hobby space

No matter how you like to spend time outside of work, make it a priority by creating a dedicated space in the rental. This might be as simple as adding a really comfortable reading chair or a small desk for working on an artistic project. 

Those who are into collecting might want to have a display cabinet where their beloved treasures can be showcased. For gardeners, think about designing an outdoor area that allows a little flexing of the green thumb while still being within the rules of the tenancy agreement. 

Talk with the landlord

If you’re not sure what changes are permitted in a rental, check with the landlord via the Rentola platform before signing a lease. This will ensure both the tenant and landlord are on the same page and save any hassles (or expenses) when the lease comes to an end. It will also mean that as soon as you move into a new home, the decorating work can begin!

For those requesting a long-term tenancy agreement, the landlord may be willing to allow more permanent decorating changes, particularly if they will add value to the property. If the landlord is hesitant to give the go-ahead, reassure them that any unwanted markings will be touched up and fixed at your expense.  

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