Online Dating for Single Parents

How Online Dating Simplified Romantic Life for Single Parents

There was a meme saying that someone without kids doesn’t have any right to feel tired. Of course, that’s far from the truth, but it paints the picture of parenthood. Now imagine multiplying that by 2. Single parents are twice as tired and have twice less free time than regular parents.

That already makes them superhumans, but some of them pay a high price to be everything their kids need. Some single parents neglect themselves and give up on dating because they assume it takes too much time and that it might be a burden for the kids.

We can’t be sure about burdening the kids because that depends on their age and situation within the family. Yet, we’re sure that single parents who use online dating find their partners with less effort and sooner than those who stick to offline dating. One of the reasons is the lack of time to spend in bars and other common places where people seek dates.

Discreet Overcoming of Social Stigma

Another reason why online dating helps single parents, especially women, is safety from judgmental people who don’t have anything better to do than comment on other people’s lives. There’s still a stigma towards single parents who seek partners. If a woman has a kid, some expect her to be alone until she raises the kid or forever. The roots of such misconceptions may differ, but a common one is that men don’t like to raise another man’s kids. Fair point.

But some single moms aren’t looking for a baby dad but someone who’ll appeal to them for a casual date. Sometimes, that’s nothing more than a casual hookup to make them feel alive again. To make them feel like a woman again, not just a genderless mom.

And online dating makes that possible. Single parents can swipe, flirt, and arrange dates whenever they feel fit without anyone judging them. Some single moms have personal lives solely because of online dating. They’ve discovered the platform that gets them dates, so they have a digital wingman in their purses.

Wide Array of Platforms

As mentioned, online dating can help every single parent find partners, partially because of the niche sites. There’s a site for every type of dating. Single future moms to be can join the site for pregnant hookups and get in touch with local men who would be ready to date a pregnant lady without making too much fuss about it.

Thanks to a matchmaking game, browsing potential partners is quick and easy, so moms can keep being perfect parents for their kids and still let their inner cravings have some fun.

However, some single parents don’t want casual dates. They’d love to find a long-term partner. They can choose from numerous dating platforms focused on love-seeking. The features are almost the same as on casual platforms. The member structure is different, so it’s easier to relax (if you seek love).

Then, there are general sites. They don’t focus on one type of dating but aim to gather as many members as possible. The main benefit such platforms offer their members is a wider choice of potential partners. But if 50% of members don’t want the same thing as you do, it means 50% more wasted time cutting through the noise.

Yet again, such sites tend to become mainstream, so even if they give lesser results than niche sites, many single parents enter the world of online dating through them. Soon, they realize that specialized local sites usually provide better results.

Easy Flirting and Communication

We mentioned the lack of time as a pain point single parents have to live with. But modern online dating platforms offer a way around that. The era of emails and texting is behind us. Now, singles can exchange photos, videos, and voice messages.

All that helps with flirting and ensures messages are understood correctly. A text message is easy to read wrongly. But a decent photo that encourages flirting can’t be taken in any other way. The last step before meeting in person is usually a video call. Some platforms even offer VR dates to their members.

Thanks to all the modern features, getting in touch and keeping the conversation alive is simpler than ever. And the more people someone talks to, the more likely they are to find the person they seek.

Enjoying Romance at Your Own Pace

Being a busy parent isn’t as fun as some people think (and those people are usually childless). Working on one’s time management skills is just the tip of the iceberg for single parents. You can’t manage something that doesn’t exist.

But thanks to online dating, single parents don’t have to reshape their schedules to create space for dates. They can insert dating in the holes of their schedules and keep being super parents without neglecting themselves.

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