Public Places to Take Your Cat  

Public Places to Take Your Cat  

Do you love exploring different places, but hate leaving your cat alone at home? The good news is that there are plenty of other places you can take your cat out in many different areas. Enjoy the fresh air and the hustle and bustle of everyday life with your cat, there are so many cat-friendly adventures to take your cat on. This is the perfect way to open up your cat’s horizons.

Taking your cat out in public is perfect for stimulating, exercising, and even helping to ease your cat’s anxiety. There are so many benefits to letting your cat explore the outside world; however, before taking your cat out, it’s important to ensure your cat is 100% comfortable in public places to avoid causing them stress.

If you’re not sure, an excellent way to check is by taking advice from animal care professionals where you live, such as a vet in Boulder City, NV for example, who can help advise and provide you with valuable information regarding the comfort of you and your cat in public places.

Here are some cat-friendly places you can explore and enjoy with your cat.

Cat-friendly Cafes

Cat cafes welcome you to bring along your feline friends and give them a place to explore in a comfortable and controlled environment. In these cafes, there will be toys and cat trees for your cat to enjoy and play with other cats, too. This is the perfect place to socialize and treat yourself to something too, perhaps a coffee and a kitachino? You may also have the chance to share the love with some of the resident cats at the cafe as well.

Pet-friendly Parks

This can be a nice and easy first step when it comes to taking your cat out in public for the first time. Let your cat roam free in an open and safe space. Your cat can enjoy some fresh air, which has been proven to be highly beneficial to your cat’s well-being and health. Some parks have designated areas just for cats, offering a safe space to play and interact with others.

Pet-friendly Stores

Shop till you drop—some stores and even shopping centers that now allow you to bring your pets along. Now you don’t have to feel guilty about spending the day at the shops. A shop can also be a new environment for your cat to experience, too, with new smells and atmosphere.

Although, it’s essential to be prepared and check out any store policies before you leave your house. Most stores will require your cat to be on a leash, or even in a carrier.


You can now wine and dine with your furry best friend in some restaurants. Eating out in a restaurant can perfectly introduce even more sights and smells to your cat. This is also a great option if you’re traveling and don’t want to leave your cat alone in your hotel room.

Most restaurants will have pet-friendly seating areas. Bring something comfy for your cat to sit on, especially if you’re going to sit down for a while. You may also have to keep your cat in their carrier or on a leash.

Cat Shows and Events

This is a very exciting day out for both you and your cat. Shows can help you to learn more about your favorite animal, cats! Here, you and your cat can socialize and connect with others who are interested in the same things as you. You never know, after a few visits, you may even think about entering your own cat.

Just remember there is a lot of excitement, that could make your cat feel overwhelmed. Be sure to take your cat away from the busy environment whenever it’s needed.

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