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24 Questions to Ask Your Crush to Get to Know Them Better

Have someone you can’t get off your mind? If you’re going to let someone live rent-free in your mind and heart, might as well close the deal with them as soon as possible. But talking to your crush is never easy; you can get tongue-tied and things can easily get derailed.

Being young and in love is one of the most adventurous experiences of life, but don’t let infatuation catch your tongue. Building chemistry with conversation is an art that takes time to learn. To help move things along, here are 24 questions to ask your crush the next time you’re together.

Flirty Questions to Ask Your Crush

Flirty Questions

Remember to keep flirting casual. Don’t come on too strong, and don’t seem like you have any other agenda besides just trying to get to know your crush better. Moving too quickly is a mistake a lot of young adults make.

Here are some light-hearted flirty questions to help you get a stimulating conversation going:

#1. How can someone like you stay remotely single?

#2. How do you feel about a girl making the first move?

Deep Questions to Ask Your Crush

Deep Questions

Once you get around to talking about the deep stuff, slow your pace. Ask a few interesting questions, but try to listen more than ask questions. Your crush shouldn’t feel like you’re the one steering the conversation. An organic deep conversation will help you two get closer.

Here are some ideas for what you can talk about that aren’t too suggestive but can let you into your crush’s mind:

#3. Can you tell me something you’ve never told someone else?

#4. What does a happy and healthy relationship look like to you?

Dirty Questions to Ask Your Crush

Dirty Questions

Nothing says you’re interested and attracted to someone than asking them dirty questions about their sexual preferences. Being open about sexuality can be very healthy and rewarding at the start of a relationship. It also suggests that you’re confident and someone who goes after what they want.

If your conversation naturally takes a turn towards sex, don’t be afraid to sound bold, and try to get to know what sort of things your crush is into.

#5. Where is the strangest place you have ever fooled around?

#6. What is your biggest turn-on?

Freaky Questions to Ask Your Crush

Freaky Questions

Never start a conversation with freaky questions. But if you’re sure your crush has warmed up to you and there’s a spark, don’t be scared to take it there. As mentioned earlier, boldness can be attractive.

Here are some super-freaky questions to ask your crush, especially if your crush is also a freak like you:

#7. What are your thoughts on having an open relationship?

#8. If I dared you to kiss me, would you?

Questions To Ask Your Crush Over Text

Over Text

It’s likely your first few long conversations with your crush may begin over text. But the problem with texting is that your tone of voice isn’t always clear. It’s better to stay away from flirting or asking any freaky questions and instead just talk about normal things over text first.

Focus on getting to know your crush.

#9. Do you think a guy and a girl can be friends without catching feelings?

#10. If you could ask me one question, and I had to answer truthfully, what would it be?

Cute Questions to Ask Your Crush

Cute Questions

Here are some cute questions to ask your crush that will make you seem innocent that might just make you seem adorable to them.

#11. What brings a smile to your face even on the worst days?

#12. What’s the most emotional scene you’ve ever seen in a movie?

Intimate Questions to Ask Your Crush

Intimate Questions

Feeling reticent around your crush is natural. But if you ever want to take the next step, you will need to open up a little. Achieving intimacy is never easy, but talking about things that matter to you is the best place to start.

Here are some intimate questions to ask your crush to bring you guys closer:

#13. What song do you think of when you think about me?

#14. If we only have one more night together, how would you want us to spend that time?

Questions To Ask Your Crush to Get to Know Them

Get to Know Them

It can take one small hair strand’s worth of information about your crush to completely change how you see them. Learning more about them before you make your move is prudent thinking.

Here are some questions to ask your crush to get to know them better, get a sense of their life’s priorities, and what they can mean to you in the future if you pursue this:

#15. Would you rather find the love of your life or be a millionaire?

#16. What’s the most important thing to you about relationships?

Romantic Questions to Ask Your Crush

Romantic Questions

Although you’re not supposed to ever be blunt about your objective, don’t forget you do have one. It’s good to get some clarity on your crush’s idea of romance so you know you’re on the same page.

Here are some questions to get an idea of what your partner is looking for in a relationship:

#17. How do you know if you’ve fallen for someone?

#18. What do you imagine doing with your partner that you’ve never done before?

Yes Or No Questions to Ask Your Crush

Yes Or No

Ironically, it’s the questions with the shortest answers that tell you the most about a person. Yes or No type questions can get straight to the point, so make sure your crush is feeling comfortable with you before asking them. Also, don’t ask too many yes or no type questions because they might start to come off as tedious and interrogative.

#19. Have you ever used dating apps?

#20. Are you into being friends with benefits?

Funny Questions to Ask Your Crush

Funny Questions

Everybody has some embarrassing or funny stories that they love to share. You could perhaps share some of your own funny stories to make your crush feel comfortable. Here are some examples of funny questions to ask your crush:

#21. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever done to get a crush’s attention?

#22. What would your exes say about you if I asked?

“Would You Rather” Questions to Ask Your Crush

Would You Rather

“Would you rather” is a game you can spend hours playing and laughing over. Having a similar sense of humor and being able to share a laugh is important in all kinds of relationships, even non-sexual ones.

#23. Would you rather go back in time to know me longer, or just spend more time together in the future?

#24. Would you rather never be able to wear sweatpants again, or have to wear sequins all the time?

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