Realistic Expectations for Plastic Surgery

Realistic Expectations for Plastic Surgery

Establishing realistic expectations is essential for a good result, plastic surgeon Dr. Joel Aronowitz advises his patients. The offices of Joel Aronowitz MD spend time with every patient to help them know how to recognize the best possible results of their procedures.

Unrealistic Expectations for Plastic Surgery

First, it is necessary to deflate unrealistic expectations, Dr. Aronowitz says. Unrealistic expectations of plastic surgery include:

• Looking like someone else. Aspiring singer Tobias Strelber, who also went by the stage name Toby Sheldon, underwent 50 surgeries in the hopes of looking like Justin Bieber. He died at the age of 35 from an accidental overdose of pain medication. Plastic surgery can’t make you look like your favorite star.

• Pleasing someone else. If your pecs don’t look strong enough to impress your girlfriend, or your breasts aren’t big enough to please your boyfriend, maybe what you really need is a different significant other.

• Following the crowd. It’s never a good idea to get plastic surgery just because other people you know are getting it. Your happiness with plastic surgery is very personal and very subjective, and should not depend on the approval of your friends.

• Getting revenge. Some people seek plastic surgery when they have been dumped by a spouse or a lover, so they can show them what they will be missing. Plastic surgery almost never makes old partners jealous.

• Dealing with deeper issues. Do you want plastic surgery because you are depressed, disappointed, or lonely? Plastic surgery is real surgery with real risks. It may be a good idea to seek therapy first.

Realistic Expectations for Plastic Surgery

Dr. Aronowitz tries to establish realistic expectations for plastic surgery with all of his patients.

First, it is important to understand that plastic surgery can improve your life, but, in most cases, it won’t fundamentally change it. Your life won’t magically become perfect. You will still have to work toward your goals. It may just be easier to achieve them.

It’s also important to understand that maintaining your results can require some effort. If you have liposuction for those last few stubborn pounds, for instance, you may need to diet to avoid becoming part of the 56 percent of patients who regain 10 pounds or more within six months of their surgery.

Aronowitz reminds his patients that they won’t see results the first time they look in the mirror after they get out of the recovery room. You’ll need time to recover. You will need time to see results. It can take time for the tissues that are moved during the surgery to “settle” enough for you to see results. Swelling takes time to go down, and bruising takes time to resolve.

Good results don’t depend just on your surgeon’s skills. Good results depend on good communication. You need to take the time to communicate to your plastic surgeon exactly what you want, and your plastic surgeon needs to spend enough time with you to establish a good rapport and an atmosphere of mutual trust.

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