Research An Online Date Before Meeting

Why You Should Research An Online Date Before Meeting Them

When looking for love, many people these days turn to dating apps that make it simple to connect with others and get to know them. It can be hard to find the time to go out and meet people at bars and clubs, and most people prefer not to leave the comfort of their homes. So, dating apps are a great way to keep your love life active while controlling who you interact with.

Let’s say that you have met someone who seems pretty incredible on a dating app. You have talked a few times and may have had a few video calls during which you learned more about each other’s personalities and expectations. You might be ready to meet in person.

Should you just go ahead and set up a date and time to meet? Well, not so fast. It is a good idea to take an additional step by researching the person that you’re thinking about meeting. Keep reading to learn a few reasons why you should consider doing this.

People Can Lie About Who They Are on a Dating App

Anyone can download a dating app and set up a completely fake profile. They can lie about everything: from their name and location to age, past, and even current relationship status.

And they can even grab photos off the internet and use them as if they are their own. In other words, when you interact with someone on a dating app, you might not be talking to the person you think you’re talking to.

Having a video chat with someone is a good way to determine if the person is at least using accurate photos on their profile. But they might still be lying about other details about themselves. So, using an online resource to do a bit of research can help quell your concerns.

For instance, you can use Nuwber, a people search engine, to look up more information about someone when you are trying to verify that they are being honest about who they are and where they are from. By simply typing in their name, phone number, or even address, you may be able to access various details like criminal records, date of birth, address history, judgments, and more.

Scammers and Criminals Can Use Dating Apps to Defraud People

Another reason why you should consider taking the time to research an online date before you meet them is because there are scammers on dating apps, as well as criminals. The last thing that you’d want to do is find yourself in danger during an in-person date. And if someone is claiming to need help financially, that is also a red flag because they might just be using you to get money from you.

By doing more research into someone, such as by using people search websites or by checking out the person’s social media accounts, you can learn more about them, including things that they might not be revealing to you about themselves.

Some People Make Up Stories to Make Themselves Appealing

Just imagine how many people lie about themselves. These lies usually include their place of employment, interests, hobbies, achievements, and even criminal charges. While it’s okay to add a few hobbies to make yourself more interesting, it’s very dangerous to meet those with criminal offences.

Some can even make up stories about their financial situation. To lure their victims in, scammers usually pretend to be rich, only to ask you for money when you fall for their tricks. That’s why it’s important to run a background check on those who you’re dealing with, as lies on dating apps are very common.

If someone seems too good to be true, basically a perfect person, it’s a sign to step back and think for a moment. With so many scammers using dating apps to defraud people, it wouldn’t be wise to trust just anyone.

To Check Compatibility

To check whether you are compatible with your online date or not, you can find their social media profiles to see what they’re interested in. If they don’t have such information on their profiles, it would be more than enough to pay attention to people they follow and their online activities.

It’s About Keeping Yourself Safe

Ultimately, researching an online date is a step that you can take to keep yourself safe and to know that you are dealing with someone who doesn’t lie about themselves. Because there are some risks that come with online dating, spending a bit of time researching your online date on the internet can give you some peace of mind.

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