Sports Betting Payment Methods

The Most Popular Sports Betting Payment Methods Explored

Sports betting is something that is popular with fans all over the world. Although countries like the USA might have only just dipped their toes into legal sports wagering in general, other places such as the UK have long had their own sports betting market. To get the most out of this activity, though, it is key to first know more about it and take your time to bet sensibly.

Although carefully choosing which sportsbook online to register with is essential, you should also remember to consider other crucial factors in any sports bettor’s journey. One thing to spend some time digging into is which payment options you will use for depositing or withdrawing money at any sportsbook you bet with.

Top payment methods for sports betting 2023-24

Any gambler in 2023-24 needs to find secure and convenient payment methods to use when gambling online. This helps you to have the most enjoyable experience when betting on sports and also keeps you safe as you do so. But what are the top choices to consider?


An e-wallet is a type of payment method for sports betting in 2023/24 that remains very popular. This is essentially an online wallet that allows bettors to make secure digital transactions when depositing or withdrawing money at sportsbooks. There is actually a good choice of specific e-wallets to use for betting on sports in the modern age, but PayPal is arguably the one most people turn to.

But why is this the case? To begin with, this is an e-wallet that is widely accepted in global sports betting and is found at the majority of top sites you can register with. The number of sportsbooks in the US that accept PayPal shows this to be true, and highlights what a convenient option it is to take advantage of. You will certainly not be short of choice when it comes to sites that allow you to use PayPal, and you won’t be limited in terms of where to bet.

This payment provider has a glowing reputation in the sector and is known as a trusted, legitimate e-wallet to use. It is also a very secure way to deposit or withdraw cash at any sportsbook online. This is down to the security features it has (such as two-factor account authentication) and the focus it puts on customer safety. PayPal is also a top choice for the fast transaction times it offers, its slick design and its ease of use.

Debit or credit card payment

The next awesome sports betting payment method for 23-24 is debit or credit card. Although both involve using cards to deposit or withdraw money at sportsbooks online, they work in a slightly different way. The most popular types of debit and credit card for sports betting include Visa and Mastercard. But what should you know about each method before using them?

Debit cards are something that the vast majority of people already have and are familiar with using to pay for things in daily life. This makes them an option that many bettors feel comfortable with and that they fully understand. It also means that there is no additional setup needed to start using this payment method at sportsbooks.

This kind of card is linked to your bank account and only allows you to spend money you have in your account at that time. This can be very useful in promoting responsible gambling, as you are not able to spend money that you don’t have in your bank account.

Debit cards are also a method that can be used to bag bonus offers that may not be available via other payment options. They also come with high levels of security built in, and attract very low or no transaction fees in general.

Credit cards work slightly differently and enable you to access cash to bet with that you might not have in your bank account. While it is key to be careful when you gamble responsibly with this option, it can be a good choice if you don’t have the money required to bet with and don’t want to miss out on the action.

As with debit cards, credit cards are easy to use and something that most people are familiar with. They are also fairly easy to apply for if your credit history is good, and they come with excellent security built in.


We have already looked at the top e-wallet for many people in the form of PayPal. This is not the only type of digital wallet gamblers can use to bet on sports with, though. If you fancy an alternative, Skrill is certainly a name to check up on.

Founded in 2001, this UK-based payment option is found at all reputable sportsbooks globally and has been operational for over 20 years. This makes it a well-established banking choice that you can rely on for fairness. It is also a company that offers excellent customer service to users and takes care to look after its customers. If you ever have a query when using the platform, Skrill’s customer service agents are always on hand to help.

Skrill also stands out due to the sheer number of currencies that are available to bet with and the fantastic features the platform contains. This includes options like a VIP program and prepaid Mastercard tap to pay. This is also a good choice for people who bet on mobile, as the dedicated Skrill app is ideal for depositing or withdrawing cash when you’re on the move. Simple to use and quick to create an account with, this payment option has lots going for it.

Apple Pay

Although popular options like Skrill may be great for mobile sports betting, many who place wagers in this way opt for dedicated mobile banking methods. Apple Pay is perhaps the most well-known and most popular choice. This is easy to understand when you think of how popular Apple mobile devices are worldwide and how many people who bet use Apple devices to do so.

The biggest reason that this is such a top payment option in 2023-24 is the convenience it brings to mobile betting. Once you have created an Apple Pay account, downloaded the app onto your mobile device and linked it to your bank account, making transactions at the best sportsbooks is simple. It is also very fast, so you never miss out on any action when betting on the go. When you also factor in how easy Apple Pay is to use, it is clear why so many people choose it.

This is also a banking method for sports betting – it supports a good choice of bank cards and has superb security as standard. This includes features like face ID for logging in and two-factor account authentication. Although this transaction method is not always available to withdraw cash with, it does offer zero deposit fees and instant transactions.


Cryptocurrencies have become a staple of modern life in the last few years and this means there are many uses for digital cash now. One very good example of this is using this virtual, de-centralized type of money to bet with online.

Although there are a few popular coins that sportsbooks may accept, Bitcoin is the one you tend to see most. It is also the one that is most popular with bettors and a coin that is most in-demand in terms of crypto-based transactions.

Bitcoin is a superb payment option for sports betting for a number of reasons. The anonymity it offers to gamblers is a great place to start, and it is perfect if you prefer to stay anonymous when using the internet. It is also a very secure payment method, due to the high-end blockchain tech that Bitcoin is based on.

This makes it almost impossible for hackers to breach or tamper with. You do not need to enter your personal bank details into the betting site when using Bitcoin, this being another example of the security it offers.

Bettors also love this banking choice for the lightning-quick transaction times it offers. This makes for almost instant deposits and withdrawals to enhance any online betting experience. Bitcoin also usually comes with very low or zero transaction fees, which is a popular feature. Although it may not be found at all sportsbooks yet, it is a well-loved payment method at platforms that do support it.

Sports betting payment options 23-24

If you plan to get involved with betting on sports, it is vital to know what you are doing before making a start. Finding out more about the best payment options to use in 2023-24 is a good example of this and is worth spending time on.

By delving into the most popular options to choose from, bettors will not only be sure to use the most secure banking methods but also those that offer excellent customer support, mobile functionality, fast transactions and attractive fees.

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