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Ideas That Take Game Night with Friends to the Next Level  

The decision to host a game night is usually an easy one to make. If a group of friends’ schedule matches up for a night, then all there is to do is choose a house to gather at. From there, things tend to get a bit more complicated—especially depending on how many people are coming and whether or not they plan on eating.

Logistics like space, seating, food, and drinks are just the start. Behind it all is the more challenging decision about which activities to set up. Unlike cooling drinks and bringing out extra chairs, deciding on which games will be the focus is usually a hot topic. Today, much of the discussion focuses on going old-school with board games or trying out a digital title.

If you’re looking for a few ideas about how to take your game night to the next level, then consider incorporating one of the activities listed below. Depending on your setup and how many people are coming, you’ll be able to find the perfect solution.

Casino Games

Virtual casinos are a great option for game nights for a few reasons. First, everyone associates the casino with fun. Second, table and card games pose unique challenges that many groups find rewarding as individual or group play—and exciting. Third, casinos are easily accessible from just about any mobile device.

Let’s focus on playing blackjack online as an example. The game’s rules and objectives are simple for anyone to learn, but also complex enough to challenge attendees. On each hand, guests will have to decide on a course of action.

Plus, most casino sites now offer live dealer games, which means you and your guests can play blackjack with a real-life dealer who is live-streamed straight onto your device. In other words, it’s bringing a part of the casino into your home.


Just like the casino, karaoke is an activity that usually brings to mind excitement—and possibly a few hilarious memories. Unsurprisingly, karaoke is a fantastic (and often overlooked) addition to any game night. Remember that the only requisite is a microphone and a speaker.

While some people go above and beyond with karaoke machines and long lists of downloaded lyrics, all you need is access to YouTube (or a similar platform) for access to songs with timed lyrics. Pair that with a microphone and you have the freedom to karaoke just about any song.

take game night with friends

Spelling Bees

One easy way to enliven game night is to borrow a few ideas from other types of parties… or competitions. A trending activity in 2023 is the adult spelling bee. Feel free to switch between a serious competition and something a bit more fun depending on your guests. While you’re absolutely welcome to challenge party-goers to spell out onomatopoeia in front of the group, feel free to throw in a few deceptive words.

For example, many English-speaking adults struggle to spell simple words correctly, from Caribbean to acknowledge to (best of all) misspell. Watching friends fail to spell a simple word usually has a few more laughs involved than watching someone nail the word Philippines. However, if you are interested in actually challenging guests with a more standardized spelling bee, then consider crafting awards for the champions.

Themed Options

One question for game night revolves around the theme. When there isn’t a clear objective behind a gathering, like watching the Super Bowl or celebrating a birthday, most people will keep things casual. However, if you’re going all-out with game night, then consider a theme.

Some people might choose to make the whole party align. For example, this might be cooking a three-course meal and asking guests to dress up in order to surprise them with a murder mystery theme.

Another idea would be to ask guests to dress up in a flapper style from a historical period, pairing this dress code with live casino games for a 1920s theme. A karaoke theme, on the other hand, might involve guests dressing up as their favorite pop stars.

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