What To Wear To A Quinceanera

What To Wear To A Quinceanera: A Fashion Guide For Girls And Women

Quinceanera: The name itself is a reflection of joy, celebration, and excitement. But as jovial as it makes us, there are a lot of decisions to make, like picking the right outfit.

Do you have your Quinceanera lined up for next month but not a dress yet? Or maybe you have an invitation in your hands for your girlfriend’s Quinceanera but have no clue what dress you should wear.

Whether you are the Quinceanera, her best friend, mother, or a guest, you should not fall behind in showcasing your style in fashion. But sometimes we can be confused about what to wear even if our wardrobes cannot fit another new dress.

It is okay to be unsure of what to wear on Quinceanera, but do you know what is not okay? Not reading this post to help you decide on a dress that is not too much or too little for the occasion.

So stay tuned to the post and help us get you out of all your doubts about quinceanera dresses!

What Should A Quinceanera Wear?

On the 15th birthday, the most important question for a girl is, “What should I wear On my Quinceanera?”. If you have your Quinceanera coming and haven’t decided what to wear, we are here to help!

For your Quinceanera, you must look no less than a princess. The most popular choice for this day is ball gowns. In ball gowns, the choices are too many, giving you various options to choose the perfect dress for your day!

If you want to follow the traditional aspects of this day, choose a white-colored ball gown. But is that the only choice? No, because Quinceanera dresses are widely available in different colors.

For a bolder look, you can wear gowns in daring shades like black, blue, red, or gold. Another option for you is to choose dresses in pastel shades that closely resemble the traditional womens Quinceanera dresses but are not typical white Quinceanera dresses.

Are You The Best Friend?

Picking an outfit for your bestie’s 15th birthday is altogether a unique experience. You don’t have to steal all the spotlight, but what’s wrong with looking your best? You should never aim to be the focal point of the party, but choose a dress that clearly says, “Oh, that’s definitely the girl’s best friend!”

You can go with anything as long as it flatters your taste. Choose a dress that coordinates with the theme and makes you look good. It can be a dress you wore to a cocktail party or your prom dress.

Which Dress Should The Mother Choose?

To all the mothers reading this, we know you’ve spent days and nights planning a perfect celebration for your baby girl. From choosing a unique party theme to helping her decide on the right hairstyle, you’ve completely exhausted yourselves.

Amidst all the busy days, here’s one thing you missed: finding or shopping women’s quinceanera dresses for yourself. You don’t want to stand next to your beautiful daughter in an adorable dress with your unappealing outfit.

What you wear to your daughter’s Quinceanera is completely your choice. You can also wear a dress that matches your daughter’s dress. If this is your idea, you can choose a dress the same color as your daughter’s. Not that it is best to add a few accents, rather than opting for a similar dress as that of your daughter for her important day. You definitely want your little baby to have all the spotlight on her day.

Lastly, what is better than a mother-daughter duo rocking together?

What Dress Is Best For A Guest?

If you are yet confused about what to wear, it is best to ask the family if there’s a dress code. Note that you should never wear the same color as the Quinceanera. You definitely don’t want to steal the attention from the girl.

You can ask about the color themes and dress colors for the Quinceanera to avoid unintentional competition with the birthday girl.

In addition, white-colored dresses should be avoided as well. This is because the white color is traditionally reserved for the Quinceanera herself. Let the important person for the day steal the spotlight alone.

Remember, your attire must be formal. If you have selected a dress with low necklines, backless designs, or bold hemlines, we recommend you keep this dress for another occasion and pick something more modest.

Some popular dress options for female guests attending this event are long evening gowns, modest cocktail dresses, formal jumpsuits, and two-piece sets.


As the much-anticipated Quinceanera approaches, the perfect attire is undoubtedly a common concern. Whether you’re the birthday girl, the girl best friend, the mother, or an honored guest, for us ladies, finding quinceanera dresses is a forever problem.

As you prepare for this memorable occasion, let our guide help you with it. Find appropriate dresses that make you look perfect without stealing all the attention! Or be the life of the party if you are the birthday girl.

As you follow our fashion guide, look adorable and let it be a beautiful and stylish Quinceanera!

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