90 Wythe is equal parts coffee shop, restaurant and lounge, as well as home to Kinfolk's design headquarters.


94 Wythe is the Kinfolk Store and its gallery and performance space, Kinfolk 94.


Currently in development, Kinfolk LA will continue to advance the Kinfolk ideal of multi-use creative spaces.


Kinfolk's flagship brick and mortar enterprise, Tokyo's Kinfolk Lounge is renowned for choice cocktails served in an intimate and familial setting.


Kinfolk Barista Thomas Gastelum Wears His Art On His Sleeve

The Williamsburg section of Brooklyn has in recent years become renowned for, amongst other things, an abundance of rustically handsome chaps sporting buxom beards and expertly applied tattoo work. But what if we told you that Kinfolk 90 Wythe employs one of the handsomest chaps with the buxomest of beards and most intricately applied tattoos in all of Brooklyn? We’d be lying, of course, there’s no real way to gauge that, but Kinfolk’s own Thomas Gastelum is a sight for sore eyes, through thick-framed statement glasses and otherwise. Pretty T (as nobody calls him) runs our coffee program and does a damn good job at it. When he’s not pulling shots though, he’s improving people’s self esteem one poke at a time as an appointment-only custom tattooer. For the latest installment of “This Is Kinfolk” we sat Thomas down to talk about his history with coffee and tattooing, and then we made him take his shirt off. Get an eyeful above and be sure to check out more of our original Kinfolklife TV content here.


Come To Kinfolk This Weekend (April 19th and 20th) for the Dudes and Dudettes Sale

This Saturday and Sunday the Dudes and Dudettes Sale returns to Kinfolk, taking place in the brand spanking new Kinfolk 94 space. If you’re out of the loop, the sale, sometimes called “a curated unhoarding,” is a gathering of friends (frienemies on occasion), selling everything from vintage clothing to housewares to homemade jewelry. This will […]


Check Out Kinfolk 90 Wythe In A Call Of Duty Commercial

  Call of Duty is already well regarded as one of the most addictive video games out. With the release of Call of Duty: Ghosts however, the series’ foray into a multiplayer action, people can only expect that their local haunts will have a few less bodies in them. All we ask is that you […]