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The New Internationalists

June 6, 2016

The June issue of The Culture Crush asks “Where have all the Bohemians gone?”. The answer, of course, is Kinfolk.

The Culture Crush creative director Debra Scherer sat down with Ryan Carney, Jey Perie, Keith Abrams, Salah Mason, and Maceo Eagle to talk about track bikes, the concept of an international creative community, and meaningful ways to bridge the gap between Generation X and Millennials.

“Kinfolk is positioned in a good place where we can be aspirational for Millennials and not be a sellout for Gen-Xers.” – Keith Abrams

Head over to The Culture Crush to read about how this group of Gen-Xers came together to form what has grown to become the multifaceted brand that is Kinfolk. And stop by Kinfolk 90 to get your hands on a hard copy, while they last.

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