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Jey Perie Talks to Eric Elms About His New Fashion Label, POWERS

September 28, 2016 | Posted in: The Kinfolk Store, Uncategorized

Kinfolk’s friendship with artist Eric Elms goes way back. The Brooklyn based visual artist has a long history of bringing his playful and offbeat designs to streetwear brands, and is responsible for some of our favorite collaborations, including Brain Dead, Supreme, and Vans. So when we learned that he was launching his own label, POWERS, we were naturally stoked. The collection, which includes t-shirts, hats and accessories launched at The Kinfolk Store Friday, September 16, and will be available online this Friday, September 30.

eric-elms-studio-kilroyEric Elms Kilroy Brain Dead collaboration. Photo by Josh Ilyas.

Recently, Kinfolk Creative Director Jey Perie visited Eric Elms at his studio to discuss his decision to start his own clothing line, the inspiration behind his designs, and how his new brand relates to his other art projects.

eric-elms-studio-portraitEric Elms in his studio, 2015. Photo by Josh Ilyas.

Head over to to read the full interview! And shop the full collection here.


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