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Kinfolk Presents: Above and Under by Patric Hanley

September 5, 2018 | Posted in: Featured

     Patric Hanley, a New York based aspiring artist who has worked with Louis Vuitton as an Artisan. Hanley’s work is a formal dialogue between structure and how abstraction affects it. He references solid geometric shapes like half circles, wave-like motifs and shapes that reference the body as well as landscape; all while using subtle gradations of colors to distort the viewers perception. Utilizing painterly tricks and techniques to change what the viewer is expecting therefore changing the whole composition. The texture used, dabbing the brush onto the panel or linen, gives the paintings an adobe-feel. The paintings all have a underpainting as well, the result makes the formal elements in the composition more dynamic. Since Hanley is color blind, color has a large impact on the overall feel of my work. He sticks with complimentary relationships, using tertiary colors plus neutrals to balance the form. Bringing shapes from the background to the foreground that shouldn’t be, juxtaposing drop shadows with shapes that wouldn’t have a silhouette in real life; all these elements change the composition spatially in a way that makes the work more dynamic. He draws inspiration from artists’ such as Loie Hollowell, Marriah Dekenga and Tomma Abts. 


Why did you choose to pursue art as a career?

Choosing art as a career seemed so unrealistic when I was young, but I loved the challenge. As I improved and was accepted into harder programs throughout grade school and high school, it started to become more of a reality. I did not get into any schools other than art schools for college, so it seemed like life was telling me to pursue this. I worked for artists as I was finishing my BFA in painting, and I had about five backup plans because I was convinced I couldn’t make art for a living. Until I started painting full time for Louis Vuitton, I felt like I still couldn’t say I was an “artist.”

When did you first get into art? 

My family has always been creative so i was surrounded by it. My two oldest siblings had a lot of influence on me. I remember seeing my older brother draw this Native American Chief at a restaurant when I was in second grade; the rest was pretty much history. After that, I started drawing and my parents pushed me to take more art classes outside of school. They were really supportive and still are today. I definitely wouldn’t be where I am without them.


How has your work evolved since? 

My work has evolved a lot, but I never really had a “style” until my last two years of college. Kent State University’s painting program has always been rooted in abstraction, so naturally my work evolved into abstract compositions. I worked for Scott Olson who shows at James Cohen gallery in LES; his work had a lot of influence on me. He would breakdown space in such an effortless, simple way. I wanted to emulate his work in my own style.

Describe your style.

My work is about formal aspects of painting. Taking geometric forms to break up the composition offers a dialogue between each form and how they physically interact. Where the shapes meet, their edges and how they overlap; this pushing and pulling creates a space. Being color deficient, the palette I choose is used to either harmonize or disrupt the shapes and forms.

What are your influences?

My main influences in terms of artists are Scott Olson, Gianna Commito, Loie Hollowell, Tomma Abts and Mariah Dekkenga.

Where do you find inspiration for new pieces?

I find inspiration everywhere. Fashion has a huge influence on my work and I would love to work with more brands to continue the conversation between painting and garment. I’m also inspired by fashion photography especially the photographs of Tommy Ton who really pushed that medium and continues to inspire me to do the same with my own.


What projects are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on projects with Nudie Jeans, Hennessy and Sandro.

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