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Kinfolk and All Day Everyday present: The Project Space DTLA

February 10, 2016

If you’ve been checking for all things Kinfolk over the past year or two, you’ve no doubt heard rumblings of a Los Angeles location. The original plan for a Kinfolk in LA has gone through quite a few changes since we first dreamt of bringing the reverse K out west, but we’re proud to announce the first step in our migration, The Project Space DTLA, presented in collaboration with All Day Everyday.  What is the space you might ask? Well, for now it’s just that, a space, located in the Arts District of Downtown Los Angeles, opening Thursday February 11, for just four days! We’ve a got bunch of cool things planned for 2016, but the focus right now is the Four Nights Only. What you can do now is check out a gallery of this weekend’s events below and head over to All Day Everyday for more details. Please note that all events require an RSVP to:



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